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Constitution test CA

3rd quarter final, constitution test

What is the term for a representative in the US house of representatives 2yrs
How many terms can a representative serve? Unlimited
Who is next in line for succession after the Vice-President? Speaker of the House.
What is the length of term for a US Supreme court justice? Lifetime
What duty does the constitution give to the Vice-President? serves as a tie breaker.
How is the Speaker of the house elected? Elected by the House of Representatives.
How many Supreme court justices do we have? Nine
How many senators does each state get? Two
What is the function of the preamble to the constitution? States the purpose of the constitution.
How is the president of the United States officially elected? by the electoral college
How many terms can the president serve? Two
What are the main voting requirements? Age 18, Citizen of U.S, registered voter.
What is the single most important safeguard of our personal liberty? Writ of Habeas corpus
How many branches is our government divided into? Three
What are the qualifications for a representative? Age 25, citizen of U.S for 7yrs reside in district and state elected
What determines the number of representatives from each state? population
What is the date that the constitution was signed? sept. 17th 1787
Who has the sole power to impeach? House of representatives
How long is the term for senator? six years
How many terms can a congressman serve? unlimited
What are the qualifications for senator? 30yrs, nine year citizen, reside in state.
Who holds an impeachment trial? Senate
How can a bill become law if the president does not sign it? 2/3 vote in both houses of congress
Who has the power to declare war? Congress
What are states forbidded to do by the constitution? make laws concerning elections, marriage, coin money.
How many of the senate seats come up for re-election every 2 years? 1/3
When will the next U.S census be taken? 2020
What form of government is guaranteed to every state? Republican
What are the states guaranteed protection from by the federal government? invasion
Which amendment gave women the right to vote? nineteenth
What is the term "lame duck" refering to? An official not re-elected continuing to serve
How are senators chosen today? Direct election
Which amendment lowered the voting age to 18? twenty sixth
What does the legislative branch do? makes laws
Which amendment gave Black American males the right to vote? fifteenth
What does the executive branch do? Enforces the laws
What does the judicial branch do? Interprets the laws
What does impeach mean? to accuse of a crime
Key words in the elastic clause: "Necessary and Proper"
What are the first ten amendments known as? Bill of rights
Why was the bill of rights added? Protect the rights of individuals
What is double jeopardy? Being tried twice for the same crime
Official records in one state have to be what in other states. Respected
When can the government house soldiers in your home? None of the above
If a power is not granted by the constitution to the federal government, that power may be granted to: States or individuals
A person accused of a crime: cannot be tried twice for the same crime, does not have to testify against him/herself, is guaranteed a trial by jury of his peers
The right of the people to petition the government for a redress of grievances means: people can express complaints to the government
Congress is made up of: House of Representatives and Senate
What is a census count of the population
If you can't afford a lawyer one will be appoint to you by a jugde and the government will pay for it.
Who's approval does the president have to have in order to make treaties? 2/3 approval of the senate.
Created by: ballengere