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history chapter 8

Charles Grandison Finney religious speaker, traveled by horse back to deliver message.
Second Great Awakening religious movement that swept nation after 1790
revival emotional meeting to bring religious faith that lasts four to five days
Ralph Waldo Emerson New England writer
Transcendentanlism philosophical and literary movement that emphasized living a simple life.
Henry David Thoreau abandoned the community, built cabin on shore on pond, lived alone for two years.
Civil disobedience form of protest
utopian community experimental groups who tried to create a perfect living place
Dorothea Dix passed law aimed at improving conditions for mentally ill
William Loyd Garrison radical white abolitonist
emancipation the freeing of slaves
David Walker free black, advised for slaves to fight for freedom
Fredrick Douglass born into slavery, taught to read and write.
Nat Turner
antebellum pre-civil war South
gag rule limiting debate on an issues
Created by: Haley2013