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Ch 8 sec 1

Charles Grandison Finney Most famous preacher of the era; Inspire people by using high drama as sermon;
Revival An emotional meeting designed to awaken religous faith through impassioned preaching and prayer.
Ralph Waldo Emerson New England writer;led group praticing transcendentalism
Transcendentalism A philiosophical and literary movement that emphasized living a simple life and celebrated the truth found in nature and personal emotion and imagination.
Henry David Thoreau Self-reliance practice; Obey ppl not to follow laws bcauz it was unjustice.
Civil Disobidence Protest
Utopian communties experiental groups who tried to create a pefect place .
Dorothea Dix join movement;
Second Great Awakening Religious movement after 1790
Created by: Abryant1996