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Teachings of Jesus

Dr. Wyatt 2nd prd Midterm

What does humble mean? To make low
What two examples do does the author give as Jesus' expression of humility? *Jesus washed His disciples feet *Jesus set a child in the mist of His disciples
What is the greatest example Jesus demonstration of humility? Give scripture ref Phil 2:6-8 Jesus came to earth took the humble position as a slave in obedience to God
What three features are clearly evident when the Gospel is examined concerning Jesus and prayer? *What he taught about such a topic *The model prayer * His own experience
What were some of the elements of intercession Jesus imparted to His own? In his name, Continuous, Private and Public, reverent and familiar, Definite and precise, Believing and watchful, faith and obedience
What is the Lord's prayer? John 17
What is the Model prayer? Matt 6
What is the High priestly prayer John 17
What does the word "Sabbath" mean? to rest
Explain the statement Jesus was not a sabbath breaker He had to keep the law. He showed by example that which was ordained by the Father and observed
In what way did the religious leaders of that day change the sabbath a day of blessing into a burden. By weighing it down with a a lot of pettiness
Please briefly explain the statement "Idolatry of the Sabbath"'' Worshiping other gods on sabbath. Those who condemn sabbath by their action that are against God's Commandment.
According to the author, how did Jesus change the day of worship?
There are several historical and biblical reasons the author gives for the ceasing of Sabbath worship and now worshiping on the first day of the week. List them.. The apostolic era marked the first day of the week for special worship and service. *Pentecost that year fell on the first day *The Christian Sunday offers a contrast to the Jewish *The Sabbath gradually fell out of observance by Christians*There was no
According to the author what brought on sickness and disease? A race of sinners inherited frailties which brought sickness and disease
In terms of troubled hearts, based on the author's personal experience. what lesson do we have to learn? That the savior does not come until the angel of pain has fulfilled her task.
How is the strength and greatness of our Lord's personality manifest? by his mighty power to restore health to diseased minds and to heal wounded consciences
In what way has the LORD equipped us in dealing with this issue of sickness and death? by placing the Holy Spirit in our hearts the first installment that guarantee the promises of God 2Corin 1:22,Eph 1:14
They are three Greek word that translate in the English as "LOVE" Please name them and define ea. one Philin: Love between friends Eros : Romantic with sexual overtones Agape: Spiritual, active affection
Love is not one of God's majestic attributes but the essence of His being True or False True
What are the qualities of God's love? *Purity *intensity *selflessness *fidelity *Mercy
Please explain when Jesus tell His disciples to "hate" in Luke 14:26 As a strong dislike not using bad word toward that thing
List at lease three examples of the pharisees demonstration of false love. They love the uppermost rooms at feasts *They loved greeting in the market place *They praised man more than they praised God.
Ps 128:3
What does Solomon write with regards to raisin children? Prov 22:6 Train up a child in a way he should go and when he get old he will not depart from it NKJ
What are some of the Characteristics of this necessary conversion of this into the child spirit Jesus Simplicity, Freedom from self consciousness, Deliverance from calculation, Humility
Created by: Dah Nubian
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