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Social 30-1

ideology ideas- set of beliefs. This course studies political ideologies
liberal this is an ideology.left wing, open minded, open to change. It is also the name of a political party in Canada. They have liberal ideologies. More liberal than conservative
conservative an ideology. traditional. conserve tradition. right wing. no gay marriage, etc.
individualism ideology that says the rights of the individual over the collective. Less government involvement in the lives of people, the better
collectivism ideology that says the group needs come first. Government more involved in people's lives. Canada's health care system is a collectivist idea. Government makes sure ALL have access to free health care.
enculturation root word culture. means exposure to a culture. adapting to that culture.
autonomy When you are autonomous or when you have autonomy, you have independence. You have individual freedom.
indoctrination Think DOCTOR, think BAD THING. root word is doctrine. A doctrine is a belief.If you are indoctrinated, you are brain washed with beliefs. The Nazis indoctrinated the German people with ridiculous beliefs about the Jews.
detente French word. Say DAY-TANT. It means a truce."You won't go to war. I won't go to war"
Cold War Between USSR (Russia) and USA--an escalating "war" over who has more power, more nuclear weapons.
brinkmanship Root word - brink- to be on the brink of something is to be on the edge of war.
democracy not an ideology. It's a form of governing a country. A form of government whereby the people have a lot of say. It comes from an individualistic belief. People have a say in government. They choose their leaders, etc.
rule of law a characteristic of a liberal democracy. It says EVERYONE is equal before the law. A prime minister can be arrested and tried in court.
competition in terms of economics (MONEY), the concept that those who produce and sell goods compete with one another for consumer dollars
free market system an economic system in which individuals are free to own property, produce goods, and buy or sell goods and services with little or no government interference
invisible hand in economics, the concept that individual self-interest and competition will regulate the economy
laissez-faire an economic theory or system that advocates little or no government interference in the economic affairs of the people
self-interest: the economic or political advancement of the individual as opposed to the group or society
tyranny of the majority tyranny of the majority: a situation in which a majority group infringes on the basic rights of a minority
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