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Joe's chapter 23

Canidat A John F. Kenedy who was a democrat.
Canidat B Richard Nixon who was a republican.
Election of 1960 They used telivision as a way to get out campagain speches.
Democrats These people wanted JFK to win, most of them were catholic, they had a rich family history, they were known as cool calm and collective people.
Republican These people wanted Richard Nixon to win, they believed in the quacker religion (most of them), they had a modest background,their personalities were formal modest and 'stiff'.
Issues discussed in the election The cold war,religion,and fiscal policies.
How did JFK win Voters were swayed by tv debates.
New Frontier This was Kenedy's program to increase education funding, health care, and the department of urban affairs for minorities. They were all defeated by congress.
Deficit Spending This was spending to stimulate economy even though the counrty was in debt.
Supply Side Economics This was a tax cut the stimulate economy. This led to more money in people's pockets.
The Kennedy Mystique He captured the imagination of the american public as few presidents had done before.
Camelot This was a musical that opened on in 1960 brodway and New York city some of the characters it stared were Richard Burten and Julie Andrews. This play told the story of heroism.
The Warren Court This took an active stance at trying to shape national policy.
Earl Warren He was a popular republican govener and took chief justice.
Miranda V. Arizona This is the law stating that all criminals have the right to remain silent. This is also the 5th and 6th amendment.
Gideon V. Wainwright This is the law that states the all people going in front of a judge or going to be questioned by law enforcement has the right to an attorney. This is the 6th and 14th amendment.
Map v. Ohio This is illegal search and seizure. This is the 4th amendment.
Plessy v. Ferguson This is seperate but equal. The 14th amendment.
Alliance for Progress This was done to aid latin countries for schools,housing,health care, and to aid off comunists.
Peace Corps Young people sent to help less developed nations fight poverty. It still exists today.
Flexible Response It was to help fight comunist movments.
Bay of Pigs Where the CI trained cubin exiles in invation.
Berlin Wall This was a giant wall to seperate West Berlin form East Berlin.
Created by: oreolivi