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Ch15 New Deal

The first major action Roosevelt took as president was to close all the nation's ______ and order inspections. banks
Did Roosevelt's idea for reorganizing the Supreme Court become a law? No
A goal of the New Deal was to regulate the ______market. stock
This legislation provided a pension for retired workers and their spouses and aided people with disabilities, poor mothers, with dependent children, and the needy elderly. Social Security Act
Created by the Glass-Steagall Banking Act of 1933, this originally protected up to $5,000 of an individual's bank account, but today insures up to $250,000. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
This put hundreds of thousands of young, single men to work building raods, developing parks, planting trees, and helping in soil-erosion and flood control projects Civilian Conservation Corps
This was created to reform and to restore confidence in the stock market by providing a way to monitor the market & enfore laws regarding the sale of stocks and bonds Securities and Exchange Commission
This rebuilt dams and provided hydroelectric power to an impoverished region Tennessee Valley Authority
This addressed the problems of unemployment and poverty by creating jobs that ranged from construction of airports and libraries to the sewing of clothing for the needy Works Progress Administration
This legislation protected the rights of workers to join unions and established the National Labor Relations Board to settle disputes between employers and employees Wagner Act
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