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Quiz on p. 338-352

Review for quiz

colonists who were loyal to the king of England Loyalists
to charge extra high prices for goods profiteering
to try to reach an agreement negotiate
to sign up to fight enlist
Two ways in which women helped during the American Revolution: 1-they traveled with the army cooking for the soldiers and nursing them to health 2-they ran the family business while their husbands were fighting
Three personal hardships colonists faced during the war: 1-homes of Patriots were sometimes burned by the British as punishment 2-many families faced separation while the men in the family were fighting 3-people had to choose sides and this could cause conflict in families and friendships
series of military actions or plans military campaign
This foreign soldier helped the Continental Army get into shape and learn to march during the winter at Valley Forge. Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
the rise in the price of all goods inflation
In what battle did Washington and his men surprise attack the Hessians by crossing the Delaware River on Christmas 1776? The Battle of Trenton
This Frenchman joined the Continental Army and helped the soldiers. He was said to have an American heart. Marquis de Lafayette
soldiers hired by another country to fight mercenaries
colonists who were in favor of independence Patriots
Created by: andreamalloy