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joe's history cards

Thomas Dewey He was uncsessful in running for rebublican office.
Harry S. Truman Elected in 1948 and was defeated.
G.I. Bill Provided generous amounts of money for veterans to build/buy houses, start buisnesses, and attend college.
Taft-Harley Act An act that allowed buisness owners to only hire union members.
Fair Deal This law stated that all americans should have health insurance and that minimum wage should be raised and that by law all americans should be treated equaly.
Dwight D Eisenhower A man who decided to run for Republican prestident in 1952.
Richard Nixon He was a young senator for California.
Interstate Highway System A 41,000 mile network of multiple lane highways.
The 'Haves' A time period where income tripled and more houses were being bought in the suberbs.
Baby Boom This was when more the 65 million babies were born within the years 1945 to 1961.
Medical/Technology The first computer was invented and they could begin to find cures for diseses in this time period.
Jonas Salk He created the polio vacine. This vacine prevented people from getting polio.
Poverty Line Miniumum income nesesary to support a family.
Michael Harington He was a writer and wrote the book "The Other America."
Inner City Issues This is where they built up the suburbs and the urban comunities and created 'The Slums'
Affrican Americans These people migrated from the south to the north. They only made half as much as the whites.
Hispanics These people were brought over through the Brancero program. This program was where whites brought over hispanics to work on their farms. Working conditions were poor for these people until Cezar Chavez.
Native Americans They were the poorest out of all minorities. People were trying to force them off of their resorvations.
Appalachia These were pockets of poverty along the Appalachian Mts. from Pennsylvania to Georgia.
Juvinial Delinquency This was where crime rate and drug abuse increased. Gang violence also went up.
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