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am history ch. 26


believed Communists and Jews were destroying Germany Adolf Hitler
Dictator who believed his nation should rule all German-speaking countries Adolf Hitler
Wanted to rule all of Asia, but needed oil Japan
This country supported Francisco France during the Spanish civil war Germany
Germans used bombers but did not win, because of the use of RADAR. Battle of Britain
These were the Axis powers. Italy, Germany, Japan
United States chose to defeat this country first Germany
At first, this country thought the war would not affect them America
Poland was divided up by these two countries Germany, and Soviet Union
The U.S Government did this to ensure there were enough resources for the war Rationing
This group of people were held against their will in internment camps Japanese Americans
After Germany was defeated, who did the Allies try to defeat? Japan
This is where Allied leaders met to decide what to do when Germany surrendered Yalta
This enabled America to lend supplies to Great Britain but remain nuetral. Lend-Lease Act
When Japan invaded this country, The U.S cut off trade with Japan Indochina
This was the mass killing of Jews by Hitler Holocaust
These are ways Americans supported the war effort Rationing, Recycling, join the military
Great Britain and France declared war when Germany attacked this country. Poland
This group of countries won battles as they moved through France and Italy towards Germany Allies
This is how people were chosen to be drafted into the military lottery
This American Naval base was bombed by the Japanese Pearl Harbor
This weapon was used to get Japan to surrender Atomic Bomb
Quick and forceful attack by the German military Blitzkreig
This is a form of government that believes that the state is more important than the individual Facism
British and French policy toward Hitler before the war Appeasement
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