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3rd quarter CA revie

CA review

What was so challenging about U.S involvement in World War II? The war was fought on several fronts
What event led to direct U.S involvement in World War II? Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
What led to Internment of Japanese Americans in camps during WWII? Racial Prejudice
what were the four causes of World War I? Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism.
What led to the U.S involvement in World War I? Use of unrestricted submarine warfare by the Germans
Schenck vs United States illustrated conflict between........ Free speech and Government Authority
Sacco and Vanzetti trial's outcome was influenced by...... Nativist fears
Unintended consequence of the propaganda campaign to sell WWI in America: Hysteria against immigrants.
What was a potential problem with the Espionage and Sedition Acts? could violate freedom of speech (1st amendment)
What was a potential problem with Wilson's fourteen points? They were unenforceable.
One problem with the Treaty of Versailles : It was used to get revenge against Germany.
What were the factors that led to isolationism after WWI? higher cost of living, debate over the league of nations, WWI left Americans exhausted, high unemployment.
What was the biggest problem with the Palmer raids? they never came up with any evidence of a conspiracy against America.
What group of people generally became members of the KKK? Anglo Saxon Southerners
What groups were targeted by the KKK? Catholics, Italians, Jews
The labor movement lost influence during the twenties for what reasons? immigrants were used to poor conditions, farmers were self reliant, difficult to organize a diverse group of workers
Who could not join Labor Unions in the twenties? African Americans
The outcomes of the Pullman strike and the Haymarket riot illustrated what? Government policy towards unions
What could be a problem with buy now, pay later. It could be bad for the economy if people can't pay off their debt.
A major reason for isolationist trend after WWI was: disillusionment over the outcomes of war.
What led to rise of Speakeasies and Gangsters during the 1920's? Prohibition
The scopes trial illustrated a conflict between........... Science vs. Religion
What did the flapper image represent for American women in the 1920's? challenge to traditional values
The pride African Americans developed during the Harlem Renaissance may have been a factor in what movement? Civil rights movement
An indicator that the economy in the 1920's was not as healthy as it appeared could be..... a drop in housing starts
A main cause of the stock market crash was? buying stocks on margin
Causes of the great depression: easy credit, high tariffs on American goods, crisis in farm sector, industries in trouble.
A sign of general economic collapse after the stock market crash was? growing number of bank failures
Effects of the Great Depression on American families: reliance on soup kitchens, Alcohol abuse, more women working outside the home, families having less children.
Who were some influential musicians and writers of the Harlem renaissance? Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, Langston Hughes
Why were the 1920's called the Roaring Twenties? it was a time of great social and cultural change
This Government agency provided jobs during the Great Depression Works Progress Administration
This Constitutional Check by the supreme court was used on the New Deal policies of the executive branch Judicial Review
This was where families affected by the dust bowl moved during the great depression. California
The role of government in peoples lives did this during the Great Depression Expanded
Shantytowns were called Hoovervilles to place blame for the Great Depression on this President President Hoover
This is how you could describe the excess use of credit's effect on the economy Negative
The attack on this place brought the United States into World War II Pearl Harbor
What event caused the United States to become deeply involved in world affairs? World War II
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