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PCMS1 Government

8th grade

Right Standard or law that ensures that governments and other institutions protect people's freedom and treat people equally in society and politics
Responsibility Knowledge that actions have consequences and that these consequences effect other people
Sovereignty The idea of supreme power or source of authority
Federalism Relating to the central government of a country
Political Party Group of people that represents particular ideas and interests and tries to make these ideas and interests a part of government policy
Primary Election Individuals from the same political party try to
General Election Where candidates from different political parties run against each other for government office
Legislative Branch Branch of government that makes laws
Two-third vote Requires 2/3 to approve in Georgia House of Representatives requires 120 out of 180, in Senate needs 37 out of 56
Majority Party Political party that has most members in the legislature
Speaker of the House Leadder of the House of Representatives, member of the majority party
Minority Leader Promotes the ideas and interests of the minority party in Senate or House of Representatives
President of the Senate Leader of the Senate
President pro temp Leader of the senate
Bill Legislation that calls for additions
Majority Vote Requires slightly more than half to approve something
Trial Court Court that determines if a person or group actions and intentions are against the law or not, decided by judge or jury
Prosecutor A criminal case; a government body that charges group or person committing a crime
Plaintiff Person who complains about another in a civil case; must convince a judge or jury that their complaint has true basis
misdemeanor Less serious crime for which the punishment is less than a year in jail
grand jury determine whether or not a person is accused of a crime.
jurisdiction geographic and legal range over which a court has control and can pass judgement.
felony serious crime for which the punishment is a year or more in jail.
defendant civil case; person is charged with committing a crime.
criminal law law that applies to criminal cases.
criminal case person found guilty in a criminal case may have to pay a fine.
civil case done wrong in some way which dosent involve committing a crime.
appealed court if a trial court has made an mistake.
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