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CVMS New Nation

Study guide of 1st seven presidents

The new federal government in America took actions that would set an example for the future. Washington set these. Precedent
George Washington stated that America would not take sides between warring European countries. The Neutrality Proclamation
George Washington did not warn against this danger in his Farewell Address Maintaining the institution of slavery
The names of the first two political parties Federalists & Democratic-Republicans
Event during John Adams' Presidency where three French agents would discuss a treaty with the U.S. only in exchange for a bribe XYZ Affair
A theme of Thomas Jefferson's inaugural address uniting Republicans and Federalists
Why the Louisiana Purchase was important It nearly doubled the size of the country
The impressment of American sailors, interference with American shipping, and British military aid to Native Americans all eventually led to what war? War of 1812
This president was also known as the "father of the Constitution" James Madison
This territory was added to the United States in 1819. Florida
Monroe Doctrine told European nations to leave the Americas to the Americans
Election of 1824 no one had the majority of the electoral votes, so the House of Representatives chose John Quincy Adams.
Common people Supported Andrew Jackson and helped him win the election of 1828
Spoils System Jackson's practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs
Trail of Tears The involuntary 800-mile march Cherokee Indians made in their removal from Georgia
Created by: mendy.rue