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Important Peoplee

John Smith saved Jamestown by implementing the "work or starve rule"
John Rolfe made Jamestown prosperous by growing tobacco. Married Pocahontas which helped relations between the settlers and the Native Americans.
William Penn Quaker who founded Pennsylvania as a refuge for Quakers. Pennsylvania had a democratic form of government.
Roger Williams Started Rhode Island after he was kicked out of Massachusetts, believed in the separation of church and state.
Thomas Hooker Founded Connecticut, aided in the adoption of the fundamental orders of connecticut, favored voting rights for all men regardless of religious or property qualifications.
James Oglethorpe Founded Georgia as a place for debtors.
Lord Baltimore Founded Maryland as a safe haven for Catholics.
Samuel Adams Founded the Sons of Liberty and Committees of correspondence. He was a leading patriot from Massachusetts and the mastermind behind the Boston Tea Party.
Crispus Attucks Former slave killed during the Boston massacre.
James Armistead African American who served in the Revolutionary War for GW, enlisted as a patriotic spy pretending to be a runaway slave to gain British war secrets.
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