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EOC Chapter 17

Progressivism in America

progressivism movement designed to restore economic opportunities and correct injustices in American life
Florence Kelley appointed chief inspector of factories in Illinois, she was an advocate for improving the lives of women and children
Prohibition the banning of alcoholic beverages
muckrakers journalists who wrote about the corruption present in American business and public life
scientific management a tactic used to improve manufacturing by analyzing how best to make a product in terms of efficiency
Robert La Follette Wisconsin governor and senator who attempted to drive corporations out of politics
initiative a bill originated by the people rather than lawmakers
referendum a vote on an initiative or on legislation proposed by a representative body
recall a reform allowing voters to remove an officeholder by forcing him/her to face another election before expiration of a term
17th Amendment provided for direct election of Senators, not their appointment by state legislatures (often corrupt)
Susan B. Anthony leading proponent of woman suffrage in America who helped found the NWSA
Upton Sinclair muckraking journalist whose book The Jungle exposed appalling conditions in the meatpacking industry
Meat Inspection Act legislation that dictated strict cleanliness requrements for meatpackers
Pure Food and Drug Act halted the sale of contaminated foods and medicines and called for truth in labeling
conservation the idea of using the environment wisely, with a view toward preservation, not exploitation
NAACP organization founded to foster full equality among the races
Gifford Pinchot head of the U.S. Forest Service under TR who advocated conservation techniques
Bull Moose Party party formed by Theodore Roosevelt when he ran for president against Taft
Clayton Antitrust Act legislation that prohibited corporations from acquiring the stock of another if doing so would create a monopoly
Federal Trade Commission watchdog agency given the power to investigate possible violations of regulatory statutes
Federal Reserve System banking system set up by President Woodrow Wilson that became the nation's central banking apparatus
19th Amendment amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote
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