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cHApteR 13 revIEw

ASIANS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who was Jedediah Smith? ***Hint: Doesn't the name sound like a hillbilly name? A well known mountain man.
Who are the mountain men? Daring fur trappers and explorers who opened up the west.
What was the rendezvous system? ***Hint: What is a rendezvous?*** Under this system, individual trappers came to a prearranged site for a rendezvous with traders from the east.
What event doubled the size of the young United States? ***Hint :Seriously? The Louisiana Purchase
In what year did the Louisiana Purchase occur on? 1803
What is a land speculator? ***Hint: LAND speculator*** People who bought huge areas of land and planned on selling the land later as the land prices grow.
How was the Santa Fe Trail a success? ***Hint: Once again...money makes the world go round...*** They made a large profit because the New Mexicans were eager for new merchandise.
What trail(s) begins in independence? ***Error: Oh SORRY I mean Independence...*** The Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Trail.
What(or who)are the Tejanos? ***Hint: Teja = SPANISH*** Tejanos are people of Spanish heritage who consider Texas as their home.
Who is Santa Anna? A.) a politician B.) a land speculator c.) a congressmen d.) president of Mexico e.) all of the above d.) the president of Mexico
What is the belief that the U.S was meant to stretch across the whole North America? Manifest Destiny
What treaty ended the Mexican-American War? The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
What(or who)are the Californios? Settlers of Spanish or Mexican descent.
What(or who)are the forty-niners? ***Hint: Not the football team...just in case you're thinking...*** Someone who went to California to find gold, starting in 1849.
Who was Mariano Vallejo? A member of one of the oldest Spanish families in America, he owned 250,000 acres of land and was the military commander of Northern California when it belonged to Mexico.
What caused the California gold rush? In 1848, John Sutter sent James Marshall to build a sawmill on his land. One day Marshall inspected the canal that brought water to Sutter's Mill and he saw a glimpse of something shining. He reached down and found gold.
Which Supreme Court case established judicial review? Marbury v. Madison says that the Supreme Court can decide if a law is constitutional.
What were the causes of the Panic of 1837? ***Hint: Andrew Jackson caused _______ to happen...maybe indirectly though.But he still caused the events that led up to it.*** The banks were printing too much paper money which caused inflation. Then everyone wanted to exchange their paper money for gold/silver so the banks bankrupted(HA! That was a pun)and the economy went ploop.
Who was John Sutter? He was a Swiss immigrant who procured 50k acres of land in the unsettled Sacramento Valley. Sutter built a fort on his land which would later be important.
Which of the following people fought in the Mexican-American War? A.)George Washington B.)Horace Mann C.)Stephen Kearny d.)Winfield Scott e.)none of the above f.)both c and d g.)both b and d f.) both c and d
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