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Gunnels - Ch. 7

These are the vocabulary for Ch. 7/L1-4

transcontinental railroad a railroad that crosses a continent.
prejudice an unfair, negative opinion that can lead to unjust treatment.
homestead a settler's home and land.
Exodusters African American settlers of the Great Plains
drought a long period with little or no rain.
sodbusters a name given to Great Plains farmers because they had to break through so much thick soil.
demand the amount of something that people want to BUY at a certain price.
supply the amount of something that people want to SELL at certain prices.
railhead a town where railroad tracks begin or end.
barbed wire twisted wire with a sharp barb, or point, every few inches.
reservation land that the government set aside for American Indians.
habitat the area where an animal or plant normally lives or grows.
extinct when a certain type of plant or animal no longer exists.
assimilate changing a group's culture and traditions so that it blends with a larger group.
Created by: calebgunnels