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chapteer 13

where were most factories built and why was a nearby water source important to factories in New England near water to power the machinery
what impact did interchangeable parts have on industrial it made mass production more effiect
what was the doctrine of nullification states could reject a federal law that it considered unconstitutional
what was Webster-Haynes debate over states rights
what was Jacksonian democracy common man expanded voting rights majority rule
why did Jackson disliked the national banks it favored the wealthy and privileged
why did south Carolina threaten to secede it wanted to withdraw over the tariff
what is manifest destiny the us spreading to the pacific ocean
why would settlers risk moving west for gold,land,and religious tolerance
where and why did the Mormons move to utah religious tolerance
what is the spoil system Jackson's practice of rewarding political supporters
who won the presidential election of 1824 and what was the controversy Adams, a northeastern who did not win the popular votes
who was sequoya developed the writing system for Cherokee
why were the Cherokee forced off their land gold was discovered and the passage of the Indian removal act
what was Jackson reaction to the supreme courts decision about the Cherokee removal he would not enforce their ruling`
what is the difference between mountain men and land speculators mountain men were fur trappers,land speculators bought land
why did Jackson political enemies call him a king he was ignoring the constitution and supreme court
what was the Missouri compromise kept the balance of trade between slave and free state
what was the monroe doctrine no European interference or colonization in the americas
what was an important effect of the war of 1812 the British blockade caused US manufacturing to increase
why was nullification popular in the south the tariff hurt the south economically
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