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U.S. History Stack

For Mrs. Stinson

What year was the Louisiana Purchase? 1803
Which Supreme Court case established judicial review? Marbury vs Madison
Which battle inspired the writing of the Star Spangled Banner? attack on ft. mchenry
Why were early factories built mostly in the Northeast? water powered machines
How did an improved transportation system affect westward expansion? easier for settlers to travel west
What was the significance of the Missouri Compromise? main balance of power between free and slave states
Explain the terms of the Monroe Doctrine. europe colonized western hemisphere
Put these events in chronological order: Whig Party is established; Era of Good Feelings; Trail of Tears; Jackson elected president; Missouri Compromise missouri compromise, jackson, trail of tears, whig party, era of good feeling
What was Jackson’s main campaign tactic in 1828? common man
Describe Jacksonian Democracy. majoritry rule, comman man, expansion of voting rights
Define: spoils system; nullification; Manifest Destiny government jobs to political backers
What were the reasons that the Cherokees were forced to move west? gold, jackson igniore supreme court, indian removal act
What were Jackson’s views on secession and nullification? jackson thought states had no right to succeed
Describe the sequence of events that led to the Nullification Crisis. tarriff pass, nullification acts, south carolina threatens to succeed, lower tariff, no more nullification
What was the significance of the Webster-Hayne Debate? south = hurts economy north = protects industry Hayne = protects
What was Jackson’s view of the 2nd National Bank? Jackson says banks only supports wealthy and privelaged
What were the causes of the Panic of 1837? banks lend too much $ to land specualtors
Why were farmers not impacted as severely during the Panic of 1837? dont use cash, use crops so not effective. (self sufficeint)
Put these presidents in chronological order: Madison, Jackson, John Q. Adams, Van Buren, Monroe. madison, monroe, quincy adams, jackson, van burren, $ and religious reasons
Describe the reasons that Americans moved west. money and religious reasons
How was John C. Calhoun important during the Age of Jackson? calhoun was VP from SC and supports nullificaation act
Created by: s0308467