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Vietnam War

Flashcards for review on the Vietnam War - used from pre-reading

What year did the Vietnam War start and what year did it end? 1955 to 1975
What does the abbreviation LZ stand for? Landing Zone
According to the U.S government, what was the purpose of the Vietnam War? To protect South Vietnam from being taken over by Communists.
What does Ted Lavender carry with him? Tranquilizers, marijuana, and extra ammunition
What country established a colony in Vietnam in the 1800s? France
What is the colloquial term for the Communist forces in South Vietnam? Viet Cong
The Ho Chi Minh Trail passed through which two countries? Laos and Cambodia
In military terms, what is a Claymore? a mine
What are Bouncing Betties and Toe Poppers? Land Mines
Mitchell Sanders is an RTO. What does RTO stand for? Radio Telephone Operator
What was the capital of South Vietnam? Saigon
List three weapons the U.S. used in Vietnam. Napalm, Agent Orange, and the B-52 bomber
What things does Jimmy Cross carry? Love letters from Martha, a pebble she gave him, and her photo.
What things does Kiowa carry? A copy of the New Testament and his grandfather's moccasins.
Was North Vietnam communist or democratic? Communist
Name three factors that helped the Communist forces in Vietnam? Swamps and jungles offered protection, sanctuary in Cambodia and Laos, and Vietnamese civilians offered protection.
Who led the Vietnamese Independence movement against the French? Ho Chi Minh
What does AWOL mean? Absence Without Leave
In military terms what does MP mean? Military Police
Created by: nnazar