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S.S. USA Settlers

Quiz- March 7th

France's goal: Natural resources-(raw material)
The Size of France: 15,00 people- very small
Type of people who settled from France: Young Men
What was France's relationship like w/ the Natives? Ok relationship- they helped the French and French men married native women
What was the treatment like between the Natives and the French? Respectful
Courrier du Bois Men who hunt and trap in the woods who are completely independent
What was the French settler's religion? Catholic
Where did the French settle? Canada and up and down the Mississippi river
What was the French's government? Council appointed by the king
How did Louis XIV solve the population problem for the French? Shipped 5000 girls over to the New World to Marry the men
Who is the French settlers' rival? The Dutch
What was the established colony by the French? New Amsterdam
Where was the established colony by the French? New York
Because of the French, what was the result for the Natives? Death and war
The French had to compete for _________ and ____. Resources and furs
What were Spain's two main goals? To get gold and to spread Christianity
How was Spain divided? Old Spain, New Spain, Peru
The type of settlement for the Spanish that was based around farming: Pueblos
The type of settlement for the Spanish that was for soldiers: Presidios
The type of settlement for the Spanish that was for missionaries: Missions where priests could convert
What was the law of the Indies? Code of laws to govern the new world in Spain
What were the 4 social classes in New Spain? Penninsulares, Creoles, Mestizo, and Indians
encomiendas The right to demand labor & taxes from the Natives
What was the treatment of the Natives by the Spanish? Natives were forced to farm, grow cotton, work in mines, plantations, and house servants.
Bartolome de Las Casas Spanish missionary who "fought" for Natives. (resulted in Spanish using the African Americans)
Penninsulares People in the new world born in spain- The highest social class
Creoles People born into America to Spanish Parents- The 2nd highest social class
Mestizo People of mix of Indian and Spanish-The 3rd highest social class
Indians (the class) Native Americans who were served as slaves- Lowest social class
_______ was the first attempt of the English to colonize the New World. Roanoke
Pocahontas lived in _______. Virginia
Pocahontas married ____ ____. John Rolfe
What was life like in the jamestown settlement before John Rolfe arrived? hell on earth, only 60 people left, no food, starving people
Why was there no food in jamestown? They ran out of stock and didn't grow any
What does the fact that there was no food in jamestown motivate them/why they came? Wanted $$- came to find gold and wealth
What is the relationship like between the English and the Native Americans in Jamestown? why? Always fighting, enemies - where in a Native American empire, empire was strong
How does John Rolfe change life in Jamestown? w/ tobacco
Why did the Pilgrims come to the US? Religion- was center of their lives-wanted religious freedom because Holland was not what they wanted. They wanted English values w/ their own religious freedom-so went to the new world!
What was life like during the first winter in Plymouth? Brutal, cold, lots of death and sickness
Created by: bml9913