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Josh C Ingram

Vocab #12

meticulous showing or marked by attentiveness to all aspects or details.
penchant An inclination to something
morose Broodingly and sullenly unhappy
maverick an unbranded range animal
raucous loud an harsh-sounding
temerity reckless confidence that might offensive
reveberate to echo repeatedly
emaciated extremley thin especially because of starvation or illness
loitering formerly im English law, the offense of standing around in a public place with the apparent
patronize to treat somebody as if he or she were less intelligent or knowledgeable than yourself
resilient able to recover quickly from setback
admonish to rebuke somebody mildly but earnestly
disgruntled to make somebody feel dissatisfied and irritated
proprietor the owner of a commerical enterprise or establishment such as a store, hotel, or restaurant
malevolent having or showing a desire to harm others
languid lacking vigor and energy
subdued not bright,loud,or intense a desire, or less bright, loud, or intense
obnoxious very offensive and upleasant
veranda a proch, usually roofed and somethimes partly enclosed that extends along and outside wall of a building
shidely a male or female given name
Created by: soaringeagles
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