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5th Grade A-Hist

5th Grade History Ch. 10-13 Review

capital of Scotland Edinburgh
capital of Ireland Dublin
capital of England London
capital of Wales Cardiff
capital of Northern Ireland Belfast
produced the first translation of the entire Bible into English John Wycliffe
first Englishman to sail around the world Sir Francis Drake
first modern explorer to reach North America John Cabot
greatest writer of the Elizabethan Age William Shakespeare
architect that helped rebuild London after the great fire Sir Christopher Wren
inventor of the printing press Johann Gutenberg
first great missionary of the Christian church Paul
Roman emperor who allowed freedom of worship Constantine
lived in monasteries; copied and preserved Scriptures monks
followers of John Wycliffe Lollards
began Protestant Reformation Martin Luther
country where Protestant Reformation began Germany
efforts to take back Jerusalem from the Turks Crusades
country not part of the United Kingdom Ireland
"Backbone of England" Pennines
principal river in England Thames
also known as the "Emerald Isle" Ireland
largest country on the island of Great Britain England
founder of the modern nursing profession Florence Nightingale
England's Prime Minister during WWII Winston Churchill
"Father of the Sunday School Movement" Robert Raikes
perfected the steam engine James Watt
most famous English preacher during the Wesleyan Revival George Whitfield
Prime Minister who worked to return Great Britain to the Protestant work ethic Margaret Thatcher
largest country in the world Russia
Europe's most important inland waterway Rhine River
only continenet with no large desert Europe
highest spot in Europe Mt. Elbrus
world's largest lake Caspian Sea
false idea that the Bible does not mean what it says modernism
leader who promised "I will be good" Queen Victoria
made popular the false idea of evoltion Charles Darwin
underwater tunnel connecting France and Great Britain Chunnel
famous Protestant reformer from Scotland John Knox
river that London is located on Thames River
leader of the Roundheads Oliver Cromwell
wanted to purify the Church of England Puritans
document that limited the English monarch to the laws of the land Magna Carta
eighth largest island in the world Great Britain
naval force that was destroyed by Queen Elisabeth's fleets Spanish Armada
book that changed England Bible
plain covered with thick grass savanna
"Father of Modern Missions" William Carey
followers were called Hussites John Huss
The Lollards John Wycliffe
invented the printing press Johann Gutenberg
he made it a crime to be a Christian during his reign Nero
famous English explorer Captain Cook
founded "The Lost Colony" at Roanoke Island, NC Sir Walter Raleigh
longest river in the British Isles Shannon
document signed in 1215 - monarch is limited by law Magna Carta
Created by: vwalker5
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