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chap.13 vocab s.s

Jedediah Smith mountain man that was leading an expidition to find a route through the rocky mountains when a grizzly bear attacked.
Zachary Taylor got ordered to station troops on the northern bank of the Rio Grande.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo end of war on feb. 2, 1848. in this, mexico realized that Texas was part of th U.S and he Rio Grande was the border between the nations.
Santa Anna mexican president
Manifest Destiny suggested that expansion was not only good but bound to happen- even if it ment pushing Mexicans and Ntive Americans out of the way.
Mountain men daring fur trappers and explorers.
Land speculators bought huge acres of land. buys it in hope that it will increase in value.
Mormons settled in utah, were members of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints.
Stephen Austin helped fufill his fathers dream by establishing an americn colony in texas.
Tejanos people of spanish heritage who consider texas their home.
forty-niner someone who went to california to find gold.
Californios settlers of spanish or mexican decent.
Juan Seguin led a band of 25 tejanos in suport of revolt.
Mariano Vallejo important californio; a member of one of the oldest spanish families in america, he owned 250,000 acres of land.
James K. Polk presidential campain emphasized expansion of the u.s
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