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US History I ch 8


19th-century religious movement emphasizing individual's role in salavation and social and personal improvement Second Great Awakening
An emotional meeting designed to awaken religious faith through impassioned preaching and prayer revival
Philosophical and literary movement that celebrated truth in nature, simple living, and personal imagination transcendentalism
Transcendentalist and author of Walden; he supported ideas of self-reliance and civil disobedience Henry David Thoreau
Social reformer who worked on behalf of the mentally ill and influenced states to open special hospitals Dorothea Dix
The movement to end slavery abolition
The reformer and abolitionist who published The Liberator and called for immediate freedom for slaves William Lloyd Garrison
Former slave who was spokesperson for abolition and the publisher of the antislavery newspaper The North Star Fredrick Douglass
The slave and preacher who led violent slave uprisings in 1831 Virginia; later was captured and hanged Nat Turner
The right to limit or prevent debate on an issue in Congress; secured by Southerners in 1836 and repealed in 1844 The gag rule
The 1848 meeting in New York state which called for women's equality Seneca Falls Convention
The Quaker abolitionist who delivered the opening and closing addresses at the Seneca Falls Convention Lucretia Mott
The women's rights activist who, with Lucretia Mott organized the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton
An organized effort to stop the drinking of alcohol temperance movement
Two abolitionist sisters from South Carolina who also spoke out against gender inequality Sarah and Angelina Grimke'
Former slave who became a spokesperson for abolition and women'ts rights; famous "Ain't I a Woman" speech Sojourner Truth
System of production in which manufacturers provide materials for goods to be produced at home cottage industry
A young worker who learns a craft from a master apprentice
A work stoppage organized to force an employer to respond to workers' demands strike
Organization formed in 1834 by journeymen from six industries; sought to standardize wages and work conditions National Trades' Union
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