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Where were most early factories built and why was a nearby water source important to factories Water powered machine and in New England
What impact did interchangeable parts have on industrialization mass production of goods
What was the Doctrine of Nullification the state can refect a law if it's considers unconstitutional, tariff of abomonation
What was the Webster-Hayne Debate about state's right
What was Jacksonian Democracy Expande voting right, common man, majority rule
Why did Jackson dislike the National Bank Banks favor wealthy and privilege
Why did South Carolina threaten to secede secede- to withdraw
What is Manifest Destiny spreading west to the pacific
Why would settlers risk moving west money, religous, religous tolerance
Where and why did the mormons move to Utah religous tolerance
What is the spoils system rewarding political backers
Who won the presidental election of 1824 and what was the controversy John Quincy Adams from northwest
Who was Sequoya Cherokee who invented writing system
Why were the Cherokee forced off their land Gold was discovered, Ignored supreme court, Indian removal act
What was Jackson's reaction to the supreme court's decision about the Cherokee removal Jackson not goin to enforce their rule
What is the difference between mountain men and land speculators mountain men are trappers land speculators bought land
Why did Jackson's political enemies call him a king ignored the constitution
What was the Missouri Compromise kept balance between free and slave states
What were the effects of the cotton gin more plantation and major exports
What was the Monroe Doctrine no colonization in America, no European interferance
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