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module 16

chapter 10, 26, 27, 28

vaccine toxiods or attenuated viral components that builds immunity
malignant invasive & destructive pattern of rapid, abnormal cell growth, often fatal
antibodies proteins contained within plasma cells that neutralize or destroy antigens AKA IMMUNOGLOBLINS
hemoglobin blood cells containing iron carries oxygen to the tissues
metasis spread of cancerous cells through the body to the organs in distant areas
benign nonmaligant neoplasm
neoplasm abnormal tissue growth
homeopathy system of therapy based on the belief that medicinal substances that cause a specific system can be used to treat an illness that yields the same symptoms
feverfew migranes
antineoplastic agent used to prevetn the developement of neoplastic cells
antiemetic agent that stops nausea and vomiting
placebo inert compound thought to be an active agent
garlic high blood pressure
electrolytes charged elements called catgons and anions
attenuated an altered or weakend live vaccine made from the disease organism that the vaccine protects against
legend drug medication that requires a prescription
lymphatic systems primary source of immune production & is referred to as the immune system
double blind when the therapist or the patient does not know whether the patient recieve a placebo or the experimental drug
ginko increase circulation
antigen stimulates the production or anitbodies
ginseg stress relief
ginger motion sickness
St.John's Wort depression
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