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Cold War MC

Cold War Multiple choice

Meo Zedong was successful in winning the peasant support in China, but was unsuccessful in winning support because he? Was a communist
After the Civil War in China, who was forced to retreat to Taiwan (formosa)? The Chinese Nationalists
The 38th parallel became an important diving line between? North and South Korea
Of the following participants in the Korean War, Which fount on the side of the Communists China
General Douglas MacArthur argued that the Korean War Should be extended into China
Which of the following is something the American people were not afraid of during the 1950's? Nationalist threat in U.S.
This proposed that the United States should provide aid to all Europe nations that needed it was a great both economically and politically? Marshall plan
The first serious disagreements between the United States the Soviet Union after WW2 occurred Soviet activities in? Easter Europe
The main goal of the Truman Doctrine was to? Restrict the spread of communism
In response to efforts by the west to reunify Germany, the Soviet Union set up the? Iron Curtain
Douglas MacArthur became an American hero during the Korean war because? His brilliant military strategies
The Truman doctrine declared that the United States should oppose? The spread of Communism
In China a civil war took place during the 1940's, which of the following groups won power of the republic of China? Chinese Communists
Who was named head of state in Russia after Stalin died>? Nikita Khruschex
Which of the following was an effort of the conflicts in china on the United States? In the Unites States the loss of China communism sparked real fears about communist in the U.S.
Containment was designed to? Restrict the spread of Communism in foreign countries
This term refers to the indirect but hostile conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union that began at the end of WW2? Cold War
This action provided vital supplies to a region blockaded by the Soviet Union? Berling Aircraft
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