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10 Agriculture 9th

Chapter 10: Agriculture

Adaptive Strategies The unique way in which each culture uses its particular physical environment
Agrarian Characteristic of farmers or their way of life
Agribusiness Highly mechanized, large-scale farming, usually under corporate ownership
Agricultural Landscape Cultural landscape of agricultural areas
Agricultural Location Model Deals with location-allocation process of land uses by farmers and the spatial organization of agricultural land uses
Agriculture Cultivation of domesticated crops and raising of domesticated animals
Animal Domestication Animals kept for some utilitarian purpose whose breeding is human-controlled and whose survival is dependent on humans
Aquaculture Cultivation of aquatic organisms (fish, shellfish) especially for food
Biotechnology Any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof to make or modify products or processes for specific use
Collective Farm System of agricultural organization whereas farm laborers are not compensated via wages, but receive a share of the farm's net productivity
Commercial Agriculture Large-scale farming and ranching operations that employ vast land bases, large mechanized equipment, factory-type labor forces, and the latest technology
Intensive Agriculture Expenditure of much labor and capital on a piece of land to increase its productivity
Extensive Agriculture Use of little labor and capital to increase agricultural productivity
Crop Rotation Practice of rotating use of different fields from crop to crop each year to avoid soil exhaustion
Dairying Class of agricultural or animal husbandry enterprises, raising female lactating livestock for long-term milk production
Debt-for-Nature Swap Agreement between developing nation in debt and at least one of its creditors; minimize debt's negative effect on developing nation and minimize environmental destruction that developing nations often cause
Double Cropping Second crop is planted after the first has been harvested
Primary Activities Extraction of natural resources, such as agriculture, lumbering, and mining
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