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Chapters 5-9

French 4B Vocab: Le Petit Prince

froler grace a (accent circumflex over o and first a and accent grave over second a)* frolick (toucher a cause de) (accent circumflex over o and accent grave over first a)
un arbuste* small tree (un petit arbre)
s'agir de* about (au sujet de)
ne mauvaise herbe weed
s'etirer (accent ague over first e) to stretch
une brindille a sprig
arracher to uproot
se debarrasser de (accent ague over second e)* to remove (enlever)
encombrer* to cover (couvrir)
eclater (accent ague over first e)* to explode (exploser)
s'astreindre to force oneself
avertir* to warn (prevenir) (accent ague over first e)
la douceur* sweetness (le plaisir)
un coucher de soleil sunset
le crepuscule (accent ague over second e)* twillight (twilight)
une epine (accent ague over second e) thorn
devisser (accent ague over first e) to loosen
un voulon bolt
serrer to tighten
soucieux(-se)* not happy (contrarie) (accent ague over e)
epuiser (accent ague over first e)* diminish (diminuer)
la mechancete (accent ague over first and first nad third e) meaness
la rancune* anger (la colere) (accent grave over first e)
faire sauter to bang to loosen
un marteau hammer
deranger (accent ague over first e)** (troubler)
le cambouis** oil (l'huile)
secouer to shake
cramoisi(e)* crimnson (rouge)
gonfler to swell
aneantir (accent ague over e)* to destroy (detruire) (accent ague over first e)
eclater en sanglots (accent ague over first e)* to cry (pleurer)
bercer to rock
une museliere (accent grave over third e) a mussle
une armure armour
les larmes tears
orne(e) (accent ague over first e)** (decore) (accent ague over e's)
un rang a row
deranger (accent ague over first e) derange
germer germentate
une brindille a sprig
croitre (accent circumflex over o)** (grandir)
un bouton bud
le soin care
a l'abri de (accent grave over first a)* to protect by (protege par) (accent ague over second e)
fripe(e) (accent ague over first e) disshoveled
un coquelicot a poppy
le rayonnement** (la splendeur)
bailler (accent circumflex over a) to yawn
decoiffer (accent ague over first e)* deshovled (les cheveux en desordre) (accent ague over fifth e)
un arrosoir watering can
ombrageux(-se) overbearing
une griffe claw
un apravent a screen
un mensonge a lie
le remords remorse
mettre dans son tort to put someone in their place
la bonne volonte (accent ague over second e) goodwill
embaumer* to perfume (parfumer)
agacer* to irratate (irriter)
une evasion (accent ague over second e)** (un depart) (accent agueu over e)
ramoner* to clean (nettoyer)
soigneusement carefully
commode* useful (pratique/utile)
eteinte(e) (accent ague over first e) extinct
bruler (accent circumflex over u) to burn
arroser to water
sotte* stupid (bete) (accent circumflex over first e)
tacher (accent circumflex over a) to try (essayer)
une chenille caterpillar
trainer (accent circumflex over i) to delay
agacant(e) (accent cescedea under c)* irritating (irritant)
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