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Ch8 English Colonies

In 1629 this King granted a charter for the Puritans to settle in Massachusetts King Charles I
The Puritans landed here in 1630 and were granted a charter to practice their religion freely Massachusetts
A lawyer and the leader of the Puritans John Winthrop
The Puritans founded this colony along the Charles River (current capital of MA) Boston
Each male colonist (free men) signed this special agreement or promise to live by the rules of the Puritan Church covenant
The meeting house or __________ was found in the center of most New England villages church
Education was important to the Puritans. They believe everyone should be able to read this book _______ Bible
This minister believed that other religions should be allowed at Masschusetts Bay Colony Roger Williams
To ________ means to allow people to have different religious beliefs tolerate
Agreed with Williams that people should pray to God rather than depend upon the church's teachings Anne Hutchinson
Roger Williams founded this colony after leaving Massachusetts colony in 1636 Rhode Island
Anne Hutchinson founded this colony in Rhode Island after leaving Massachusetts Portsmouth
This leader left Massachusetts because he believed each church should be independent and choose its own leaders (founded Connecticut) Thomas Hooker
Maine Vermont and New Hampshire were settled after the war with this tribe in Connecticut. Pequot
This Wampanoag leader destroyed 16 towns during the King James War in New England, but was killed in 1676 Metacomet
The Dutch founded the colony of New Netherland it was is now New York City. They called it _____ _________ New Amsterdam
New Netherland and New Amsterdam became this state and city after the English took over from the Dutch. New York
In 1681 King Charles II granted land in the Middle Colonies to a Quaker named ____________ William Penn
The colony William Penn founded the colony of __________ Pennsylvania
The middle colonies became the main food growing region. They were called ____________ bread basket of the colonies
The Pennsylania Dutch built the first _________ wagons Conestoga
King Charles I gave Lord Baltimore a charter to set up a colony for Catholics called _____ Maryland
Maryland was controlled by ________ who owned all the land of the colony. proprietors
This colony was south of Maryland Virginia
In 1663 King Charles II gave 8 proprietors a charter to found ________ Carolinas
In 1732 ________ was founded. It was the last of the Southern Colonies to be founded. Georgia
The _______ Confederacy was able to protect Georgia and other southern colonies. Creek
The chief of the Yamacraw tribe who met with the English colonists Tomochichi
English army general who was granted a charter to start the colony of Georgia James Oglethorpe
Someone who owes money debtor
Georgia was named after this king King George II
Georgia was founded to seperate the English colonies from the ________ colonies and a place where England's debtors could settle Spanish
This was a valuable crop for the English southern colonies. It added color to their clothes. indigo
The first settlement in Georgia. It is the capital today. Savannah
This practice of owning someone became common in Georgia between 1750-1760 slavery
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