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New Deal Legislation

CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) 1933, Specifically geared toward 18-25 year old men to utilize their strength to give them jobs. They cut trees, cleared land, even built ski resorts.
WPA (Works Progress Administration) 1933 Employed any man/woman for jobs in public setting. Put jobs for people like artists/historians. Organized National Youth Administration to keep kids in school
TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) 1933 Gov't competes with private businesses to offer products. Offers jobs by making dams which flood into valley which gives irrigation and gov't can use it to run electricity to sell cheaper. (Relief, recovery, and reform)
FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) 1935 Created from bank holiday, deposits up to 5000 dollars are covered
SSA (Social Security Act) 1935 If a person is unable to work or gain money, the gov't sends them money so they can stimulate the economy.
FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) 1938 Enabled so that workers cannot work over x-amount of hours. Bosses cannot overwork someone. Establishes minimum wage and maximum work week, anything more is time and a half. Child labor laws.
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