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Hoover vs. Franklin

Election of 1932

Republican View on Economy *Laissez Faire type with focus on helping big business *Each person is responsible for himself with gov't guidelines (self gov't) *Fears too much gov't interference in industry *Rugged individualism *Helping Neighbor
Republican Plans for Recovery Hawley Smoot Tariff (1930) and Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1932)
Hawley Smoot Tariff (1930) Enacts a 60% tax on tariffs imports
Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1932) A gov't measure to support big business banks and insurance companies with federal assistance... Benefits will trickle down to the average citizen
America's Reaction to Republicans Bonus March and Election of '32 with 30% votes for Herbert Hoover
Bonus March Thousands of WWI Veterans march on Washington for their promised WWI bonus check. 2 people killed in removing the vets.
Democrat View on Economy *Spread the wealth out more, doesn't see playing field of Americans as equal *Wants to get gov't involved in industry/economy *Wants to give money to the poor from the rich
Democrat Plans for Recovery New Deal, Hundred Days Congress, Bank Holiday, Repeal Prohibition, and Fireside Chats
New Deal (Three R's) Relief for the unemployed, Recovery of the economy, and Reform of big business practices and economic institutions
Hundred Days Congress The Democratic congress that enacts more legislation in 100 days than any other congress before.
Bank Holiday To stabilize the banking industry, banks are closed and reopen with new insurance from the gov't
Repeal Prohibition 18th Amendment is replaced with the 21st Amendment for economic purposes
Fireside Chats Radio speeches to public to instill confidence in the New Deal and economy
America's Reaction to Democratic Party Roosevelt's Popularity with victories in '32, '36, '40, '44. New groups of American's who will vote democrat (working class, women, A-A, Jews)
Created by: spencerbuggie