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CE750 Fire protect.

Fire Protection

If there is an APU fire, will it shut itself down? Yes
If there is an APU fire, will it automatically discharge the APU fire bottle? No
How is an engine or APU fire detected? Engine and APU fire detection loops are filled with a pressurized inert gas, which when heated will change pressure, setting off a sensor unit attached to the loops
What alerts occur if there is an engine fire? 1. Engine fire switchlight illuminates 2. Master Warning illuminates 3. Engine fire L or R in CAS 4. Aural warning tone
What will be the indications that a fire warning system has failed its test? CAS message "Fire detect fail L or R"
What occurs when you push the ENG FIRE PUSH switch? 1. Fuel and Hydraulic firewall valves close 2. Generator field relay trips off 3. Thrust reverser is disabled 4. Both fire extinguishing bottles arm 5. HP and LP bleed air firewall valves close because there isn't enough airflow to hold them open
Where are the fire extinguishing bottles located? Tailcone (Hell hole)
How do you know if the fire bottle pressure drops to below acceptable pressure? CAS message "FIRE BOTTLE LOW"
How many fire extinguishing bottles are available to the APU? One
How does the baggage compartment smoke detection work? It uses a photovoltaic cell and censor with cabin air blowing across the unit
When you lift up and activate the guarded baggage compartment isolation valve, what happens? Cabin airflow to the baggage compartment is turned off, service air is turned off, and electric fan in baggage compartment is turned off. This should suffocate the fire.
Created by: sierrabravoflies