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Articles 4-7


What is Article 4? Realationships between the states
Any record or certificate that is legal in one state must be recongnized as ________ in another state? Give an example legal, Drivers lisense
If someone is a US citizen in one state, they are a US citizen in? All states
What is Extradition? The process of sending a criminal back to the state they committed a crime.
Who can ask to send a criminal back to the state they committed the crime? The governer of the state.
Who admits new states into the Union? Congress
The new state may not be ______________________ a pre-existing state without the states approval. formed in or cut through
Congress makes laws for what kind of lands? Give an example. Federal Lands, Territories
A Federal Government guarentees all states what 3 things? A representative government, Protection from invasion, and Assistance from the National Guard
What are 2 ways to propose an amendment? 2/3 of congress may vote on the amendment 2/3 of state legislature may vote (Never been used before)
What does ratify mean? To make offical or accept
What are 2 ways to ratify a proposed amendment? 3/4 of state legislature must approve 3/4 specially chiosen state convetions approve
Once the proposal and ratification are complete what happens to the amendment? The amendment is added
What is an execption of an amedment before it is added? If an amendment would give a state fewe senators, that state MUST ratify the amendment
The new government ____________ the debt of the Articles Of Confederation Government. Will pay back
The constitution is the _____________ of the country Supreme Law
State will always yeild to what kind of law? Federal Law
All members of the Federal and state government MUST swear to support ___________. The Constitution
To hold a government office what test does it not include? Religious Test
The Constitution is official when how many states ratify it? 9 states
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