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8th Grade History - Jackson/Industrial Revolution Review 2013

Nominating Conventions meetings where a political party selects its presidential and vice presidential candidates; first held in 1820's.
Spoils system politician's practice of giving government jobs to their supporters.
kitchen cabinet President Andrew Jackson's group of informal advisors so called because they sometimes met in the White House kitchen.
states' rights belief that the power of the federal government regarding the states is strictly limited
textiles cloth
interchangeable parts process developed by Eli Whitney in the 1790s that called for making each vital part of a machine exactly the same
mass production efficient production of large numbers of identical goods
trade union worker's organizations that try to improve trade and working conditions
strikes refusals of workers to perform their jobs until employers meet their demands
telegraph machine invented by Samuel Morse in 1837 that uses pulses of electric current to send messages across long distances through wires
cotton belt region stretching from Georgia to east Texas where most U.S. cotton was produced during the mid 1800s
scientific agriculture use of scientific techniques to improve crop production
yeomen small landowning farmers
spirituals Emotional Christian songs sung by slaves in the South that mixed African and European elements and usually expressed slaves' religious beliefs
terms of the Adam-Onis Treaty Spain gave east and west Florida to the US and in return they gave its claims to what is now Texas.
Monroe Doctrine President's statement forbidding further colonization in the Americas and declaring that the US would view any attempt by a foreign country to colonize as a hostile act.
regional dispute that arose in 1819 if Missouri entered the union, it would make the slave states and the non-slave states unbalanced.
Who suggested a compromise during the regional dispute in 1819? Henry Clay
What was the name of the compromise that was suggested during 1819? The Missouri Compromise
What did the compromise say? Missouri would enter the Union as a slave state. Maine would join as a free state; and slavery would be prohibited in any new territories or states formed north of the 36 degree 30' latitude - Missouri southern border
Who proposed the American System? Henry Clay's plan
What was the American System? A plan for raising tariffs to pay for internal improvements such as better roads and canals.
What was the Cumberland Road? First road created by the federal government.
What did the election of 1824 become known as? "The Corrupt Bargain"
Why did the election of 1824 have problems? Adams made a "corrupt bargain" with Clay
How did the American people feel about Andrew Jackson? They liked him. They said he had been born poor and rose to success by his own hard work. They saw him as a simple man.
Tariff of Abominations passed by Congress and it was a tariff with really high rates. Angry Southerners called it this.
nullification crisis dispute between the state and federal government.
What did Jackson opponents form in 1834? Formed the Whig Party.
What did the group of Jackson opponents in 1834 support? they supported a weak president and strong legislature.
What led to the Panic of 1837? financial crisis in the US
Who took the blame of the Panic of 1837? Van Buren
Who was actually to blame of the Panic of 1837? Andrew Jackson
Who was the Whig candidate in 1840? William Henry Harrison
What was the Whig candidate in 1840 campaign slogan? "Tippecanoe and Tyler too"
Describe the Indian Removal Act. it authorized the removal of American Indians who lived west of the Mississippi River.
What was the Worcester v. Georgia case about? Supreme Court ruling that the Cherokee Nation was a distinct territory over which only the federal government had authority; ignored by both President Andrew Jackson and the state of Georgia.
What was the ruling in the case? It made Georgia's removal illegal.