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King History 8

Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists

HintFed or Anti-Fed
Strong central government Federalists
In favor of a national bank Federalists
James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton Federalists
Favored ratification of the Constitution Federalists
Limited national government Anti-Federalists
George Mason, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee Anti-Federalists
Policies were favorable to farmers, artisans, and skilled workers Anti-Federalists
Must have a Bill of Rights Anti-Federalists
State governments will be destroyed because the national government has too much power under the Constitution. Anti-Federalists
A strong executive branch is necessary for the national government. Federalists
Republican governments only work in small communities where people have the same level of wealth and values. Anti-Federalists
The necessary and proper and general welfare clauses allow the government to complete tasks it's responsible for doing. Federalists
Free government requires active participation of the people. Anti-Federalists
Small republics of the past have been destroyed by selfish groups. Federalists
A bill of rights is unnecessary because the powers of the government are limited. Federalists
Checks and balances and separation of powers limit the power of the government. Federalists
Mercy Otis Warren Anti-Federalists
A strong executive branch will soon become a monarchy. Anti-Federalists
The necessary and proper clause gives too much power to the national government. Anti-Federalists
The Constitution must have a bill of rights. Anti-Federalists
John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Edmund Randolph Anti-Federalists
Created by: MichelleKing