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CH 7- Sec 2

What areas did americans settle in the early 1800's? The Trans-Appalachia area.
The Trans-Appalachia area is primarly located where? The Ohio River Valley, WEST of the Appalachian Mountains
Did settler move as individuals or as famalies? Families
Why did the settlers move west? Needed more space"elbow room" from overcrowding, New Futures
Whos was the backwoodsman that carved out many trails in the Trans-Appalachia area? Daniel Boone
Families traveled West over the Appalachians to settle in what two valleys? Ohio and Mississippi
One of the first trails traveled, west from New York was what trail? The Mohawk Trail
Traveling West from the mid atlantic states, settlers traveled on a newly built road named what? The Cumberland Gap
What was the Main Route to trans -Appalachia for countless Americans including Daniel Boones own family? The Cumberland Gap
Most settlers built what type of shelter? Log Cabin
What was the advantage of building log cabins? The cabins could be built in a few days of hard labor, required minimal tools (axe), no nails
Were log cabins considered permanant homes? No they were considered temporary structures til land was cleared to farm, with one room, divided by blankets, no glass windows, dirt floors.
About how many slaves moved west with their owners? 98,000
What ordinance had forbidden slavery north of the Ohio? The Nortwest Ordinance of 1787
As settlers moved in, what did that do to the native american indian tribes? Pushed them out of their homelands
How did the government help the settlers push the Indians out of their land? Developed a REMOVAL Plan to push them to the Louisiana Territory.
What was the main cause of the DECLINE of the population of the Indian Tribes? Disease brought by white settlers
Where was Daniel Boone From? Kentucky
Name the treaty, named after an American Diplomat that set out the boundries for Florica? The Pinckney Treaty, after Thomas Pinckney
What did the Pinckney Treaty settle? 1)Southern Boundry of USA set at 31* N. latitude. SPAIN KEPT FLORIDA 2) US could use th Mississippi River through Spanish territory 3)US & Spain agreed to control the Indians in their areas
Name the major Indian Tribe in Florida? The Seminoles
How was the migration of Native Americans different from European Migration? Indian migrations were FORCED moves by treaties force on them, Europeans (white settlers) moved because they CHOSE TO.
Who would be more likely to move west, a young population or an older population and why? A younger group, since settling an unknown frontier was hard work, filled with unknown dangers. A younger group probably had more energy and ability to do that even if they may have lacked the years of experience of an older group.
What was done by the Seminole Tribe that angered the American Officials? The allowed ESCAPED SLAVES to live with their tribe
Who was the General from the War of 1812, in charge of protecting the settlers? Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson, along with 2000 men crossed the the Florida border and started the First what? First Seminole War (Claimed the WEST part of Florida from Spain)
After Andrew Jackson attacked the Seminoles and captured Spanish towns what did President Adams do? President Adams Accused Spain of breaking the PINCKNEY TREATY by failin to control the Seminole Indians.
Spain agreed to "CEDE" or give up Florida to the US with what treaty? The Adams-Onis Treaty
Why did Spain "Cede" Florida to the United States? Americans already occupied Florida, Spain knew it was going to lose the land anyway SO they might as well get what they could out of the deal.
What does "CEDE" mean? To Give Up
Once settlers crossed the Appalacian Barrier and saw lots of land what did they begin to convince themselves of? That they had a DIVINE mission to spread LIBERTY across the continent.
The idea that they had a DIVINE mission to spread LIBERTY across the continent was called what? Manifest Destiny
What does Manifest Destiny mean? "Obvious or Undeniable Fate"
Who is credited with the starting of the phrase Manifest Destiny? John L. O'Sullivan in writings in 1845
Hardy trappers, fur traders, that adopted Indian ways and often married Indian women were called what? Mountain Men
Name the FOUR nations that claimed right to the Oregon Country? 1) United States 2) Great Britian 3) Russia 4) Spain
What two countries signed a treaty to jointly occupy the Oregon Country? The US and Great Britian
What was the name of the treaty setting out joint occupation of the Oregon Country by the US and Great Britian? The Convention of 1818
Who was one of the first women to cross the Rocky Mtns, married to a doctor and lived among the Cayuse and Nez Perce Indians? Narcissa Prentiss Whitman
What type vehicle was used by the pioneers to crss the Great Planis? Prairie Schooners
What were Prairie Schooners? Conestoga Wagons about 10' long, 8' tall, canvas top, carried about ONE TON of goods, light enough to be pulled by 6 oxen.
Why were oxen better than horses? Strong and could be used for food.
What was the Oregon Trail? The main routes for wagon trains to the west coast. Started in Independence, MO
How long was the Oregon Trail? 2000 miles
The trip on the Oregon Trail was long, hard and espensive. How long, how expensive? 4 to 6 months and $500-$1,000
Were attacks by the Indians the biggest problem for the pioneers? No the Indians usully helped them and traded with them
What was the biggest problem for the Pioneers? DISEASE, CHOLERA in particular killed as many as 10,000 between 1840-1840 (About 4% of the total travelers)
What were the states crossed on the Oregon trail? 1) Missouri 2)Nebraska 3)Wyoming 4)Idaho 5) Oregon
Name the main river traveled on the Oregon Trail? The PLATTE RIVER
The Platte River wound through what "Pass" in Wyoming? The South Pass
What is a "Pass"/ A Pass is a Low Spot in a Mountain Range that allows people to cross to the other side.
After entering Oregon, what river would the settlers follow? The SNAKE RIVER
Not all trails finished in Oregon,one veered southwest to New Mexico what was that trial called? The Santa Fe Trail
The US wanted complete control of Oregon and the Democrats won an election with what slogan supporting that desire? "Fifty-Four Forty or FIGHT (54-40 OR FIGHT)
Who was the religious group founded by Joseph Smith of New Youk? The Mormons
Who killed Joseph Smith and His brother? A hostile Mob
After Joseph Smiths death who became the new leader of the Mormons? Brigham Young
Where did the Mormons relocate to for their new home base? The Great Salt Lake in Mexican teritory
What was the trial called that the Mormons followed from Iowa to the Great Salt Lake? The Mormon Trail
Where in California was Gold discovered? On the Land of John Sutter, a swiss immigrant
Did John Stutter discover Gold? No, a carpenter who was building a sawmill for him found the Gold on Sutters land.
No event was mor important in attractin settler to the West than the Gold Strike where? At Sutters Mill
What were the "49ers"? Gold Miners that went to Calif in the 1849 Gold Rush
What % of the California settlers were Chinese? 10% and the were mostly miners or servants
What growth city in California was the most impressive? San Francisco
Mining towns had short lives, from Boom to Bust. An abandoned mining town was called what? A Ghost Town
what were some to the consequences of the California Gold Rush? 1)Brought in thousands of people 2) Changed small towns to cities 3) Destroyed most of the Indian culture
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