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Road to Revaoluton

Social Studies

Gentry the highest social class of the American Colonies
Social Mobility the possibility of a person to move from one social class to another (by earning money)
Revival a period of religios awakening
Enlightment a period that emphasized science and reason as guides to see the world more clearly
Iroquois League a poweful Native American confederation (tribe)
Aglican Church the church of England
Apprentice a person who works for another without pay, in return for instruction in skill and trade
Bill of Rights a list of essantial freedoms guaranteed to all citizens
Boston Massacre a small riot in 1770 between the British troops and the colonists
Boycott a refusal to buy goods or services, used as a means of protest
Cash Crop a crop that is grown to be sold
Charter A legal paper granted by a monarch giving certin rights to the colonists
Colony a settlement ruled by a distant parent country
Commerce the buying and selling of goods
Culture a people's way of life
Democracy a systom of government by the people
Economy the way a society makes and spends money
Great Awakaning a religios movement in which traveling ministers emphasized personal religious experience
House of Burgesses a lawmaking body in colonial Virginia
Indentured Servents a person who exchanged work for passage from England to America
Indigo a plant used to make blue dye
Magna Carta a charter limiting the English monarch's power by extending certain rights to the citezens
Mayflower Compact an agreement signed by Pilgrim leaders providing for local government in America
Middle Passage trip across the Atlantic from Africa to America with enslaves Africand as the main cargo
Monarch a King or Queen who rules a coutry
Parliment a lawmaking body of Englind
Patriots colonists who resisted British politics in America
Rights powers and priviliges that belong to all citizens
John Locke believed the purpose of the government was to protect people's natural rights
Benjamin Franklin Philadelphia printer, writer, diplomat, and inventer
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