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Reetz Chapter 11

Why did Father Miguel Hidalgo lead a rebellion? To help get the people of Mexico out from the rule of Spain
What trail was used by traders to haul goods to trade with Mexican traders? Sante Fe Trail
Who was the Donner party? A group of Western travelers who got stranded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
What treaty ended the Mexican American War? Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Who was the head of the Mormon Church? Brigham Young
Who was Sam Houston? He led the Texan army in a victory over Santa Anna
What happened in the Bear Flag Revolt? America declared California to be an independent nation
What did Santa Anna do that made Texans continue their fight for independence? ordered the execution of prisioners
What was John Sutter known for? starting a colony in California
Who led his followers to the West and settled in Utah? Brigham Young
What is the basic part of a person's surroundings? elements
What is a placer miner? a person who mines for gold with pans to wash out loose rock and gravel
What is the name of the Mexican cowboys who tended cattle and horses? Vaqueros
What is to prospect? search for gold
What industry was John Jacob Astor part of creating? fur and trapping
What were Mountain Men? men hired to trap animals for fur
What are Empresarios? agents who were hired to bring settlers to Texas
Who were the Forty-niners a gold seeker who moved to California during the gold rush
What are Mestizos? people of Indian and Spanish ancestry
What is the Manifest Destiny? the belief that America should spread across the continent to the Pacific Ocean
What happened even though the Miguel Hidalgo's revolt failed? the rebellion continued to grow
What happened with the Gadsden Purchase? the Mexican border was finally set
Who were not welcomed during the gold rush? Chinese immagrants
What does the word explicit mean? fully revealed without vagueness
What helped James Polk win the Presidency? He was in favor of expanding the country
What started the Mexican-American War? they disagreed on where the border should be
What happened as a result of the Battle of San Jacinto? Texas gained their independence
What things lead to the westward movement? gold was found in California US gained lands in the west Americans believed in the Manifest Destiny
What was the Alamo? an abandoned mission that was the site of an important battle
What did Sam Houston do? led the Texan Army to victory over Santa Anna
What trail was the only one to cross the Rocky Mountains? Oregon Trail
Created by: ellist