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Peotone IL Const. #1

Study Guide #1 for IL Constitution

The Constitution of (what year) had proven outdated? 1870
The new and current IL Constitution went into effect on what date? July 1, 1971
The organization of state government is very similar to that of the ______. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT
How many branches of government make up the Illinois government? 3
Both the US Constitution and the Illinois Constitution have a _________________. BILL OF RIGHTS
When did Illinois become a territory? FEBRUARY 3, 1809
When did Illinois enter the Union? DECEMBER 3, 1818
Who is the current Illinois governor? PAT QUINN
What is the state bird of Illinois? CARDINAL
What is the state slogan? LAND OF LINCOLN
What is the state nickname? PRAIRIE STATE
Illinois is one of the most populous states with over _____ million people. 12
Illinois' land area is _____ square miles. 56,345
Illinois has ______ counties. 102
What is the largest city in Illinois? CHICAGO
What is the capital city of Illinois? SPRINGFIELD
How many US Representatives does Illinois have? 18
How many US Senators does Illinois have? 2
How many Electoral votes does Illinois have? 20
How many members are in the Illinois State Senate? 59
How many members are in the Illinois House of Representatives? 118
Amendments to the IL Constitution must pass with a ____ fraction majority in both houses. The amendment is then presented to the _______ for final approval. 3/5, VOTERS
What is the official name of the Legislative Branch? GENERAL ASSEMBLY
What are the requirements to be a member of the Illinois General Assembly? 21YEARS OLD; RESIDENT OF THE DISTRICT FOR 2 YEARS; CITIZEN OF ILLINOIS AND THE U.S.
How many articles are in the IL Constitution? 14
Who is the presiding officer in the Illinois House of Representatives? SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE
Only the IL Senate approves _______ made by the Governor. APPOINTMENTS
What fraction of both Houses must vote in favor of an amendment to the IL Constitution? 3/5
Illinois has _____ Senate districts. 59
A State Senator serves a ____-year term. 4
A State Representative serves a _____-year term. 2
Who is the presiding officer in the Illinois Senate? PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE
After approval by the General Assembly, an Illinois Constitutional amendment must be approved by the ________. VOTERS
Created by: Mrs. Grahonya