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Ch. 6 Vocab Terms

Chapter 6 Vocabulary Terms

Foreign Policy Attitude towards other countries.
Executive Order Issued by the President, acts like a law.
Executive Agreement Agreement between two letters.
Treaty Official agreement between two countries.
Diplomat An official representative of a country's government.
Pardon Legal forgiveness.
Reprieve To delay a punishment.
Succession Order of replacement.
Commute To change a punishment.
Ambassador Official representative of a country.
Bureaucracy All the workers of the executive branch.
Independent Agency Runs part of the country for the President.
Regulatory Agency Regulates certain things in the country.
Joint Chiefs Military leaders.
State of the Union Speech by the President.
Electoral College Chooses the President.
Attorney General Lawyer for the government.
Secretary Head of department.
Chief of Staff Runs the White House for the President.
War Powers Act Gives the President limited war making powers.
Elector Member of the electoral college.
Government Corp. Government run business.
Merit System Get a government job based on ability.
Amnesty Group pardon.
Cabinet Government leaders.
Term Length of time in office.
Spoils system Get a government job based on who you know.
Preside To rule or overrun.
Passport Official travel document.
Red Tape Government delays.
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