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AS PE Factors aff RT

AQA AS PE Factors Affecting Reaction Time

What is Hick's law? The more choices there are, the slower your reaction time will be
What happens to the second response during the psychological refractory period? It is slower than the first as only one stimuli can be processed at a time
How does age effect reaction time? Reaction times peak in your late teens/early 20s and then slowly increases with age
How does gender effect reaction time? Males have quicker reaction time than females but males deteriorate more quickly than females
When a performer is presented with stimuli that are similar how does it effect reaction time? It makes reaction time slower as the performer struggles to identify the most important stimuli
What happens to reaction time with practice? Experience improves reaction time. Decrease the time it take to select the correct response
How is response time calculated? Response time = Reaction Time + Movement Time
What is the difference between spatial anticipation and temporal anticipation? Spatial - The performer programmes a pattern of movement before the movement is needed Temporal - Performer predicts what is going to happen
What are the positives and negatives of anticipation? + save time - Make an error/Tricked by dummy
Created by: Havoth
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