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CE750 Limitations

Max Landing Weight? 31,800lbs
Max Ramp Weight? 36,000lbs
Max Xero Fuel Weight? 24,400lbs
Max Takeoff Weight? 35,7000lbs
Takeoff weight is limited by what? The most restrictive of: A) Max Takeoff Weight B) Max weight permitted by CLIMB REQUIRMENTS and TAKEOFF FIELD LENGTH
Landing weight is limited by what? The most restrictive of: A) Max Landing Weight (31,800lbs) B) Max weight permitted by CLIMB REQUIREMENTS or BRAKE ENERGY or LANDING DISTANCE
Is Ballast Fuel useable fuel? No.
Max altitude for takeoff and landing? 14,000 feet
Max tailwind component for takeoff and landing? 10 kts
Max crosswind for manual flight controls? 10 kts
Max crosswind component for slats asymemetry landing? 10 kts
Minimum altitude to use speed brakes? 500 AGL
Max fuel imbalance for normal operations? 400lbs
Max fuel imbalance for emergency operations? 800 lbs
Minimum fuel in wing tanks for takeoff? 500 lbs
When is takeoff with high idle prohibited? Any time other than touch-and -go
Nose wheel tire pressure on ground? 132-135 psi +/- 5psi
Nose wheel tire pressure unloaded? 130 psi +/- 5 psi
Maximim operating speed (Mmo)? .92 mach
Maximum operating speed(Vmo)? 350 kts
Max operating speed below 8000 feet (Vmo) 270 kts
Max operation speed with Mach Trim off? (Vmo) .82 mach
Max altitude for extension of gear? 18,000 feet
Max altutide for extension of slats/flaps? 18,000 feet
Max slats extended speed 250 kts
Vfe 5 deg 250 kts
Vfe 15 deg 210 kts
Vfe 35 deg 180 kts
Vlo 210 kts
Vle 210 kts
Maximum turbulant air penetration speed? 300 kts/ .90 mach
Maximum speed brake speed? no limit
Minimum speed brake extension speed? Vref + 15 kts
Venr 190 kts
Max tire speed on ground? 182 kts (210 MPH)
Maximum altitude for cruise Operations? 51,000 feet
Max ambient temperture for operations at and below 14,000 feet? ISA + 39 deg C
Max G forces with flaps/slats up? -1 to +2.7G
Max G forces with flaps 5 deg? 0 to 2 G
Max G forces with flaps 15 deg? 0 to 2 G
Max G forces with flaps 35 deg? 0 to 2 G
Max G forces on landing? 3.5 G
Max duration for zero to negitive Gs? 10 seconds
Max cabin pressure differential? 9.7 psi
If a windshield cracks in flight, can the flight proceed to the destination? Yes
Once on the ground with a cracked windshild, can the aircraft proceed to maintenance center without a ferry permit? Depends on whether a structural ply has cracked
How many starts can be made on the engine air trubine starter? 3 normal starts followed with 25 mins cooling; a 30 second engine motoring counts as 1 start
Max N2 to engage the air turbine starter? 25% N2
What does making me re-type these limitations 3 times do to me? Suicidal contemplation.......
Max generator load below 41,000 feet? 400 amps
Max generator load above 41,000 feet? 300 amps
Can any FADAC be inoperative before flight? No
Time/temp limits for continuous engine ground static operation? Takeoff Thrust 5 min max.
Must both ADC be operational for flight? Yes
Minimum start duct pressure? 25% APU 30% Air duct cart on EICAS
Max time for TLA to be in the TO/MC detent for takeoff/climb? A) Continuous provided IFF not in amber area B) Recommended 5 mins
Max time for operations with ITT in amber area? 5 mins
Recommended time to be in CMB thrust setting during climb? Climb to level off plus 10 mins
Maximum oil temperature for all operations? 127 degrees
Max N1 for all operations? 100%
Max N2 for all operations? 101%
Minumum N2? 56.7%
Max ITT for start? 800 degrees
Max ITT? 888 deg
Max continuous ITT? 850 deg
Minimum oil pressure? 34 psi below 88% N2.
Max oil pressure? 90 psi (unless cold weather and at idle)
Max N1 during cold weather ops concerning fuel temperature? 40% N1 until fuel temp at +4 deg C
At what N2 will the FADEC automatically shut down the engine? (Under Speed) 54% N2 or below
At what N1 will the FADEC automaticlly shut down the entine(over speed) 105% N1
At what N2 will the FADEC automaticlly shut down the entine(over speed) 105.6% N2
Minimum fan speed for takeoff? 73.6 N1
Minimum fuel temperature (Tank) -37 deg C
Max fuel tempature? +52 deg C
Max fuel temperature (tank) +98.0 deg C
Maximum Single point refueling pressure? 55 psi
Maximum single point Defueling pressure? -10 psi
Unusable fuel per hopper tank? 4.81 gallons
Unusable fuel in center tank? 2.2 gallons
Center tank to wing tank fuel transfer must take place prior to when? Before wing tanks get to 3100 lbs of fuel.
Simultaneous cross feed and center tank to wing tank transfer is prohibited when? When wing tank fuel is less than 2900 lbs.
EJA uses what oil? Mobil Jet II
Mimimum oil temp for start? Abobe -40 deg C
What type of hydraulic fluid? Skydrol
Can the aircraft be de-iced with the APU running? No
Can the aircraft be left unattended while the APU is in operaion? No.
Maximum altitude to start the APU? 31,000 feet
Maximum airspeed for starting APU from 31,000 to 20,000 feet? 300 kts
Maximim airspeed for starting APU from 20,000 to 8000 feet? 350 kts
Maximum airspeed for starting APU from below 8000 feet? 270 kts
Maximum altitude to operate the APU? 31,000 feet
Maximum generator load for APU in flight? 200 amps
Maximum generator load for APU on ground? 300 amps
Max EGT during APU start? 973 deg C
Max EGT for govered APU operations? 718 deg C
Max EGT for continuous governed APU operations? 665 deg C
Maximum APU successful starts? 6 Good starts with 10 min intervals 1 hour cooling for additional starts
Max APU unsuccessful startsusing aircraft battery for start? 2 bad starts (30 sec cooling) 30 mins cooling-off 2 bad starts (30 second cooling) 1 hour cooling-off
Must the APU be inspected after automatic shutdown? Yes
When will the APU bleed air be automatically reduced? When the EGT gets above 665 Deg C
Wheat temperature will render the batteries inert if cold soaked? -20 deg C
Must the battery temperature indicating system be operative for lfight? Yes
Can a flight depart after receiving a Battery OTEMP EICAS message? No
Does a APU start using a GPU count as a battery start? No
Max altitude to operate with the baggage compartment un-pressurized? 41,000 feet
Can baggage be put in the bagage compartment if it will be unpressureized? No
Can Baggage be carried in the baggage compartment if the smoke detection system is inoperate? No
Can live amimals be carried in the baggage compartment? No
Mut flight with the baggage compartment unpressurized be logged? Yes
Max weight in the baggage compartment? 700 lbs
Max weight in the ski tube 75 lbs
Must the crew oxygen mask be stowed prior to flight? Yes
Max Cabin altitude to use crew oxygen masks continously? 40,000 feet
Max cabin altitude to use passenger oxygen continously? 25,000 feet
Is medical oxygen approved to refill the oxtgen tanks? No
What oxygen is required to fill the oxygen tanks? Aviators Breathing Oxygen
When is engine syne used PROHIBITED?> A) Single engine operaions B) Takeoff and Landing C) FADEC or ADC or N1 revesionary operations
Must the stall warning, mimimum speed, and ydraulic A and B slat system be checked and operational prior to flight? Yes
Where must the stab trim be set for takeoff? In the green arc
Above what speed must the Mach Trim be operational? .82 mach
When is unloading the hydraulics A and B systems prohibied execpt for an emergency? Above 15,000 feet
Are thrust reverser use on non-paved surfaces approved? No
Revewse thruse must be in idle by what airspeed on landing? 65 kts
Maximum reverse thrust N1 50% (70% some serial numbers)
During single engine reverse thruse use, when must the thrust be at idle at 70 kts? On Slippery surgaces or with nose wheel steering inoperative
Is thrust reverser approved to touch and go operations? Fuck NO!
During single engine reverse thrust use, when must the thrust be at idle? 70 kts
Must the thrust reverser be operational prior to flight? Yes
When should thrust reversersbe activated on landing? After the nose wheel is on the ground.
Max SAT for using anti-ice on the ground (except for test)> -20 deg C
Minimum airspeed for sustained flight in icing conditions? 200 kts
Can PAC HP bleed air be slected when using anit-ice system? No
Must the Honeywell Primus 2000 and Radio System manuals be on board the aircraft? Yes
Minimum altitude for autopilot use on a percision approach? 170 feet AGL
Minimum altitude for autopilot during cruise flight? 1000 feet AGL
Minimum altitude for autopilot during non-precision approach? 400 feet AGL
Is autopilot use during use/display of a single IRS/AHRS system approved? No
Can the autopilot be used for an ILS approach with FLAPs approved? No
When may the ADF pointer be unreliable? During HF radio transmissions.
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