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CE750 Powerplant


What engine is in the CE750? Allison AE3007C or AE3007C1
What engine section drives the accessory gearbox? N2 spool
What is the rated thrust? 6442 lbs for -C engine 6764 lbs for -C1 engine
Will the FADECs allow throttle settings that exceed certain redline engine parameters? No
What are the 6 components of the engine? 1. Fan 2. Compressor 3. Diffuser/Combuster 4. Turbine 5. Exhaust 6. Accessory Drive Gearbox
What is the purpose of the fan section? To drive low velocity air into the bypass duct and compressor
What is the purpose of the P2.5 and T2.5 sensors? Backup source of ambient air data (Pressure and temperature) for FADEC, in case MADC data fails.
What positions the Compressor Variable Geometery (CVG) vanes? FADEC signals the use of high pressure fuel as hydraulic actuator to move CVG vanes
Is the fan spinner anti iced? no
What prevents the compressor section from accumulating ice? Inlet temperature rises enough to prevent icing.
What should be done if audible engine vibration from ice build up is detected? Vary power setting by 20% N1 until vibration clears
What direction do the fan and turbine assemblies turn when viewed from the front? Clockwise
From which compressor stages are LP and HP bleed air tapped, respectively? LP: 8th Stage HP: 14th Stage
What is the purpose of the Compressor Air Bleed and its controller, the Acceleration Bleed Control valve? To provide surge-free acceleration
HOw many fuel nozzles per engine? 16
How many ignitors per engine? 2
What items are driven by the accessory gearbox? Oil pump Hydraulic pump DC generator AC alternator PMA Fuel pump for motive flow Fuel pump for FPMU N2 speed sensor Air turbine starter
How much oil does each engine tank hold? 12 qts
What is minimum engine oil quantity for dispatch? 4 quarts low
Can oil pressure climb above red max line during cold wx? Yes, but thrust lever may not be moved above idle
What are two ways the oil is cooled? Fuel-oil heat exchanger Air cooler
What is the thrust lever limitation for cold weather ops regarding fuel? DO not increase throttles above 40% N! until Fuel time is at least 4 degrees C
What type of oil is used? Mobiljet
What normally proveds power to the FADEC? PMA
What is the ONLY source of power to the ignitors? FADEC
What powers the FADEC if the PMA fails? Aircraft DC electrical power
At what N2 speed is ignition power available from PMA? 10% N2
During normal ground operations, how many ignitors are used per engine? One
Is the same ignitor used for engine start each time? No, they alternate
During air starts and auto ignition sequences, how many ignitors are used per engine? 2, one from each FADEC channel
If the ignition relay from a FADEC fails, to what position does it fail? On
What indication is there that the FADEC has activated the ignitors? Green IGN annunciation is displayed above the N1 tapes on the EICAS
Does the IGN annunciator mean that the ignitors are actually firing? No, it just indicates that power is being sent to the ignitor boxes
What is the only way to tell that the ignitors are firing during start? Watch for ITT rise
What is the indication that the fuel filter is being bypassed? CAS message: FUEL FILTER BYPASS L, R. Also, two indicator pins on each fuel filter pop up.
What is indicated by the two fuel filter bypass pins, if they are popped? First pin indicates impending bypass, second pin indicates full bypass
What is the engine driven fuel pump used for? 1. Main metering valve sends fuel to combustion nozzles 2. high pressure fuel is sent to CVG vanes to adjust them in response to the FADEC commands
What will occur if a main metering valve (MMV) becomes stuck? FADEC will continue to supply fuel to the engine at the same value until the thrust lever is moved all the way to cutoff
How many FADECs are installed on the CE750? 4: two per engine
How many FADECs control the engine at one time? One. the other is a hot spare
Do the two FADECs (A & B) share information with each other? Yes
What is the purpose of the FADEC switch in the cockpit? To control which FADEC is in control of the engine
What does the cas message FADEC BUS FAIL L-A and L-B indicate? A dueal failure of the Cross Channel Data Link, which is the bus that the FADECs use to communicate with each other. This could be a problem because each FADEC may try to control the same engine at the same time. Avoid abrupt throttle inputs.
Can the FADECs from engine 1 communicate with the FADECs in engine 2? No, except for engine sync
What are the sources of input data to the FADECs? MADC IAC Thrust lever angle (TLA) cockpit switches, Engine sensors High idle switch FADEC switches Fuel Pump Metering Unit Other FADEC channel through CCDL
What could cause a FADEC FAULT message in the CAS? FADEC monitoring has been compromised, FADEC detected a conflict within itself, faulty or missing ADC data
How can FADEC be reset? Use the reset switch in the cockpit
What could cause a FADEC FAIL message in the CAS? Total loss of electrical power FADEC hardware fault Total loss of N2 signal Unable to control CVG Total loss of MMV fuel flow torque motor drive MMV position tests (during start self checks)
What does the FADEC limit thrust to during reverser operation? 70% N1
Can full single engine reverse thrust be used? Yes, but not recommended on slick surfaces
How many thrust reverser latches must unlatch to cause FADEC to roll engine back to idle? 3 of the 4
After automated idle thrust due to TR unlatching, how can control of engine be regained? Bring thrust lever to idle to reset control
IF the FADEC shuts down the engine due to an overspeed would it be advisable to attempt a restart? No
What is the underspeed N2 limit that automatically causes shutdown? 54% N2
If the FADEC senses an engine flameout will it attempt a restart automatically? Yes. If the restart fails it will shut the engine down
What is the minimum corrected fan speed to attempt a takeoff? 73.56%
What is the indication that the FADEC is in the fan damage correction mode? CAS message: FAN DAMAGE L, or R
When would the FADEC go into reversionary mode? When both N1 sensors were inop or both MADC inputs are lost
WHat does the FADEC do in reversionary mode? Utilizes N2 and TLA for N1 information; utilizes T2.5 and P2.5 inputs for MADC information
How do you know that the FADEC has gone into reversionary mode? CAS message: FADEC REV N1 L, R FADEC REV ADC L, R
When does ignition begin during the start sequence? 14% N2
When does the FADEC start metering fuel to the engine during the start sequence? 33% N2 (about 10 seconds after ignition)
How close must the TLA's be in order for engine sync to activate? 3 degrees
Which engine is the master during engine sync operation in fan mode? Neither, FADEC uses both engines
Max speed for N1? 100%
Max speed for N2? 101%
What N1 or N2 speeds will cause automatic shutdown? 105% N1 105.6% N2
Amber TURB% begins at 57% N2 indicating a too low idle speed. When does Automatic Shutdown occur do to low idle speed? 54% N2
Normally ITT tapes are white. When are they not white? "SEE" Starting Engine Menu Selected Exceedence occurs
What is max ITT for takeoff? Redline
Max ITT for start? Red triangle or Redline
Max allowable time for ITT in yellow during takeoff? 5 minutes
Max ITT for climb detent? 850 degrees C
Max ITT for single engine at TO/MC detent? 850 degrees C unlimited, provided ITT is not in yellow. If ITT is in yellow, then 5 minutes
Max ITT for 2-engine climb with anti ice on, and TO/MC detent power? 850 degrees C unlimited, provided ITT is not in yellow. If ITT is in yellow, then 5 minutes
How must thrust power be set when transitioning from climb to cruise? Thrust levers to cruise detent within 10 minutes of leveloff
The controlling FADEC for each engine changes when? Each time the aircraft is powered up
When selecting ENG menu, what is displayed on EICAS or MFD EICAS systems? digits for ITT, Oil press, Oil temp
WHat is the primary purpose of the air cooled oil cooler? Cool the oil
What is the primary purpose of the fuel cooled oil cooler? Heat the fuel
Max oil pressure? redline
What oil pressure is required for takeoff? Green arc value
What is the required oil temp for takeoff? Green arc value
What is indicated by CAS message FUEL TEMP L or R? Fuel is too hot or too cold
ENG TLA FAILED L or R means what? FADEC cannot tell what the TLA angle is, and thrust will remain as set until that engine is shut down
ENG MTR VLV FAIL L or R means what? FADEC cannot more metering valve. Thrust remains the same but fuel cannot be metered in the event of an exceedence, although fuel can be shut down. If at a high power setting, engine will likely be shut down
How many pneumatic start valves? 2
What is the air start motor connected to? N2
Start abort criteria ? 1. no oil press in 15 seconds 2. no N1 rotation 3. compressor surge 4. hung start (no acceleration after 45 sec) 5. N2 stagnation at 45-55% 6. Engine rolls back after 56% (DO NOT RESTART!) 7. ITT rapidly approaches red triangle
If attempting a third engine start, what should be tried? use a ground cart with at least 5 PSI more pressure than the APU was providing
What happens if one thrust reverser latch becomes unlocked? UNLOCKED light illuminates until checklist is completed, ARM light remains on after checklist is completed because of STOW switch
What happens if two thrust reverser latches becomes unlocked? Additional autostow, UNLOCK illuminates again and STOW extinguishes
What happens if three or four thrust reverser latches becomes unlocked? FADEC brings thrust to idle, TR AUTOSTOW L or R message in CAS, amber if one side, red if both sides
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