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In the normal mode, which fuel boost pump will automatically run when the APU is operating? Left boost pump
What does the APU supply to the aircraft? Bleed air and 28VDC
What is APU bleed air used for? Engine starting, air conditioning, service air
Can the APU share electrical loads on the split bus aircraft? No
Can the APU share electrical loads on the non-split bus aircraft? YES
What is max operating altitude for APU? 31,000'
What is max airspeed for APU airstart between 20,000 and 31,000? 300 knots
What is max speed for APU airstart below 20,000? Vmo
What is the normal source of fuel for the APU? Left wing hopper tank
What system monitors the APU during operation? The Electronic Control Unit (ECU)/Electronic Control Box (ECB)
What happens in the ECB detects a fire in the APU? 1. APU shutdown 2. APU Fire annunciator illuminates 3. Master Warning flashes 4. Aural chimes
Does APU have its own fire bottle? Yes
If the APU Fire Push switch is depressed, how will you know that the fire is out? APU Fire annunciator and CAS messages go away
Does the APU master switch have to be on to operate the APU? Yes
What power sources can start the APU? 1. Batteries 2. GPU 3. Engine generator
What bus is required for APU operation? Emergency bus
When pressing the APU test button, what should the RPM, EGT, and DC Volts displays read? RPM: 50% EGT: 500 DC Volts: current system voltage
If the APU fire bottle is low, how will that show up during the APU test? APU Fail light will remain illuminated CAS will read Fire Bottle Low APU in cyan
Max number of successful APU starts in one hour? 6
After 6 successful APU starts how long is the cool off period? 1 hour
What are the limitations for unsuccessful APU starts using the aircraft batteries? 2 attempts (30 seconds each) Followed by 30 minute cooling period 2 more attempts (30 seconds each) Followed by 1 hour cooling period
What are the limitations for unsuccessful APU starts using a GPU or engine generator? 2 attempts (15 seconds each) Followed by 20 minutes cooling period 2 more attempts (15 seconds each) Followed by 40 minute cooling period (No more than 4 attempts in one hour)
What is the minimum battery voltage required to start the APU? 22 volts
If the APU fails to shut down using the STOP position switch, what could be done to shut off the APU? Hold the test switch for 6 seconds, or until the APU shuts down
What RPM will the APU normally operate at? 100%
What is the max EGT for normal APU operations? 718 degrees C
What does the APU annunciator Ready TO Load mean? APU is ready to provide bleed air and electricity to the aircraft
What RPM is an APU overspeed? 108%
If APU bleed air switch is in the off position, is service air available? Yes
If APU bleed air switch is in the off position, is engine starting air available? No
If APU bleed air switch is in the off position, is environmental bleed air available? No
During engine starts, do the Max Cool and PAC valves close? Yes
In Max Cool, is PAC overheat automatic shutdown protection available? NO
Describe the APU generator Same generator as the engine generators, but lower amp rating
What are Max APU amps for flight and ground ops? Flight: 200 amps Ground: 300 amps
Should the APU be shut down while it is still loaded? Yes
Where is the external APU shutdown button located? Tailcone area, next to the tailcone light switch
If the APU detects a fire, will it automatically discharge the APU fire bottle? No. This is why the aircraft must be attended during APU operation
How much fuel does the APU burn per hour, and from which tank will it draw fuel? 125-150 lbs/hour from the Left wing hopper tank
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