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4th Six Weeks Review

Texas History Review - Civil War and Reconstruction & Cotton Cattle and Railroad

Term or QuestionDefinition or answer
Sam Houston Governor of Texas when Texas seceded from the Union.
Sam Houston Did not approve of Texas secession.
Why did Texans favor secession? They felt it was vital to the economy.
How was Texas affected by communication issues during the Civil War? Slow communications allowed for continued fighting (The Battle of Palmito Ranch) and delayed the emancipation of enslaved people (General Orders No.3)
John B. Magruder Confederate General that commanded the forces that took back Galveston.
James Hogg First native-born Texan to be elected governor of Texas who supported farmers and ranchers and small businesses.
What year did Texas join the Confederacy? 1861
What was the cause of the Mexican American War? There was a dispute over the border between Texas/US and Mexico.
How did the Civil War affect the cattle industry? There was a demand for beef in the East which brought rapid growth to the industry.
Cause: cattle trampled crops and fences Effect: The use of barbed wire to fence in crops and in effect closed the open range.
Buffalo Soldiers African American soldiers that helped to keep peace among the American Indians in the West after the Civil War.
Lawrence Sullivan "Sul" Ross He served as a Confederate General, Governor of Texas and was a President at Texas A&M University.
Republicanism A form of government where the people elect their representatives.
Federalism A system of shared power between the national or federal government and the state government.
Individual Rights Rights that cannot be taken away. Also known as civil rights, natural rights or unalienable rights.
Checks and Balances Each branch of government has checks or controls on the powers of the other two branches.
Separation of Powers 3 Branches of government divided so that one branch does not hold all of the power.
Popular Sovereignty The power is in the hands of the people, they show this by voting in elections.
Limited Government The governments power is limited by the constitution. This also means that all people even elected leaders have to follow the law.
What is one way that the Texas Constitution differs from the U.S. Constitution? The governor has more limited powers.
State's Rights The belief that the government should not intervene in state decisions.
Why did the United States not annex Texas in 1837? They were afraid of starting a war with Mexico.
Constitution of 1876 This is the current constitution for the State of Texas. When it was adopted people felt that Reconstruction was officially over in Texas.
1861 to 1865 The Civil War
1869 This was the year that Texas was readmitted into the Union.
Created by: mcintirel
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