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America Was like

America was like before Europeans arrive activity. Chris Warner

Good productive fertile ________ Farmland.
The northeast and south could yield 2 crops per year.
What crops could they yield? Corn, Potato, Beans, Peas, Melons, Squash, pumpkin
What are some land forms? Some land forms were: Dense Forests, Vast River Valleys.
What river valleys? Delaware, Ohio, Mississippi River Valleys.
There was a lot of game, what is game? Animals.
What animals were their to hunt? Buffalo, Elk, Alligator, bears, beavers.
What livestock was not in North America before settlers came? Horses, pigs, cows, chickens.
What was the Warrior's Path? Neutral American Indian Hunting Grounds in Kentucky.
What was the estimated population for the native American's? about 210 million.
How many ways of life are there? There were about 100 ways of life.
What was the correct order? The correct order was Family->Clan->Tribe
Did tribes have written language? Some tribes did, not all did such as the vikings.
What are some Rituals? Some rituals were: War Rituals, Ceremonies.
What was Europe like before Exploration? After the fall of Rome, in 476 CE, Europe entered the Dark Ages which was from 476 to 1100 AD.
What brought trade and wealth? The Crusades brought trade and wealth.
The Catholic Church poured what into art and education? They poured money into art and education to further educate students.
Europeans joined in on the African _____ trade. The African Slave Trade.
What did Europeans want from Asia? Gold, Silk, Spices and Jewels.
What kind of routes did Europeans want to find to Asia? Faster Routes that did not require them to sail around the entire country.
What are some plantations that African Slaves and crops did they have to farm? The plantations they had to farm were Sugar, Rice, Cotton Plantations.
What are the 4 G's? Gold, Glory, God, Grades are the four g's.
What are countries that sailed to Americas? The country's that sailed to the America's were Spain, England, France, Portugal, Netherlands.
Created by: chris_is_awesome