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Chapter 5 U.S. His.

Key Terms

relationship Two or more things or groups connected in some way
taxation The act of taxing, or charging people for public and government services
tolerate To allow something to happen
legal Having to do with law
Tar and feather To cover persons with tar and then with feathers in order to punish them
Boycott To refuse to have dealings with a person, country, or group
repeal To remove something, especially a law
finance Having to do with money
revenue money gained from something
massacre The act of killing a large number of people in a cruel way
duty A tax place on goods brought into a certain place
competitor A company that sells or buys the same goods or services as another company
Impose To establish a rule or law, such as a tax, on a group with less power
Cargo Objects or goods carried in a ship or some other form of transportation
Resistance The act of opposing something
Outrage Anger
respond to do or say something in return
ban to disallow something
province a part of a country or region
unify to join together as a group or whole
convention a formal meeting called for a special purpose
patriot someone who loves his or her country
debate an argument or discussion among persons or a group
submission the act of giving up on something
minutemen a group of men trained to be soldiers and who agreed to gather at a minute's notice
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