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American Journey 15

American journey ch 15

Admission of this state created controversy because it upset the balance in the Senate Missouri
Created the Missouri Compromise Henry Clay
Letting people decide about slavery Popular sovereignty
Lincoln and Douglas ran for senate in this state Illinois
Southerners supported this theory States Rights
The Fugitive Slave Act made it illegal to help these people slaves
This state had a civil war over slavery Kansas
Abraham Lincoln did not have his name on these in the south Ballot
Exaggerated loyalty to a particular region of a country Sectionalism
Was a big states rights congressman John C. Calhoun
Missourians who traveled in armed groups to encourage slavery Border Ruffians
Many parties joined this party to win the election of 1860 Republican
South Carolina was the first state to do this Secede
The first event to the civil war was here Fort Sumter
A runaway slave Fugitive
Charles Sumner was attacked here Senate
Roger B.Taney received criticism for this court case Dred Scott
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